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Large Bronze Wildcat Statue Outdoor Garden Decor on Sale BOKK-370

The height of this large bronze wildcat statue is about 368 cm (12 feet). The large animal statue design can use as an outdoor landmark sculpture decoration artwork, or a school mascot. So if you like our statue, please feel free to contact You Fine.

Item No: BOKK-370
Size: Customized Size You Want
Material: Casting Bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

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The Bronze Wildcat Statue at California University-Chico is a magnificent sculpture that embodies the spirit and pride of the university. This life-size statue depicts a powerful and agile wildcat, capturing the essence of the university’s mascot.

Bronze Wildcat Statue

Large Bronze Wildcat Statue Details:

The statue showcases the wildcat in a dynamic pose, with its body coiled and muscles tensed. The sculptor has expertly captured the sleek and athletic physique of the wildcat, with every sinew and contour beautifully depicted in bronze. The fur of the wildcat is meticulously sculpted, highlighting its texture and giving the statue a realistic and tactile quality. The artist has paid attention to detail, capturing the individual strands of fur and the subtle patterns found on the wildcat’s coat.

Bronze Wildcat Sculpture
The facial features of the wildcat are striking, with piercing eyes that exude intensity and determination. The mouth is slightly open, revealing sharp teeth, adding to the statue’s fierce and fearless expression. The Bronze Wildcat Statue stands on a sturdy base, providing stability and allowing for its prominent display. The statue is skillfully crafted with intricate attention to detail, showcasing the university’s commitment to excellence and its wildcat mascot.

Wildcat bronze Statue

This large bronze wildcat statue vividly carved the image of a wildcat. The image of a wild cat is usually less docile and quiet than an ordinary domestic cat. Because the wild cat lives outdoors all year round, he will appear more ferocious and serious. Because of his serious image, the wildcat can be placed in outdoor public places as a mascot and statue. For example, gardens, squares, hotels, zoos, schools, etc.

Large Bronze Wildcat Animal Statue

The Introduction of Wildcat:

The wildcat or lynx is a small cat, native to Europe, western Asia, and Africa. Wildcats will hunt small mammals, birds, or other animals of similar size. Tabby cats can divide into multiple subspecies distributed in different regions. Including domestic cats. Domestic cats are pets that people often keep in their daily lives and are very popular among people.

Lifesize Wildcat Statue

Wildcat Sculpture

Professional Clay Model Artists:

You Fine will use high-quality bronze materials to make the entire large bronze wildcat statue. In order to ensure the details of the statue and restore the essence of the animal. You Fine has masters who specialize in making animal clay sculptures. Their rich carving experience and carving skills can restore the serious look of wildcats and the movement of facial hair. Our master pursues the details and perfection of the sculpture. And will modify the clay model to ensure that the clay model can perfectly show the essence of the wildcat. This can lay a good foundation for casting bronze statues.

racing Bronze Horse Statues clay model

large bronze lion statues clay model

wildcat statue for sale

Accept Custom Sizes and Designs:

The height of this large bronze wildcat statue is about 368 cm (12 feet). The large animal statue design can be used as an outdoor landmark sculpture decoration artwork or a school mascot. Of course, if you want to place this vivid wildcat statue in the garden of your own home. You Fine can make it life-size, for example, about 1.5 meters. We are a professional bronze sculpture casting factory, so we accept custom designs and sizes.

Bronze Large Bobcat Statue

Bronze animal statue for sale

Professional clay mold artists and experienced sculptors can provide you with high-quality statues. So what are you still hesitating about, if you like our large wildcat statue, please feel free to contact You Fine. We are professional in making bronze animal statues!

Packing usually use Plastic from inside,and wooden outside.we also accept customized packing.

We will buy full insurance to make sure the sculpture smoothly arrive at your location.



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