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YouFine factory has been casting bronze eagle statues for 40 years. We have dedicated artists casting bronze eagle sculptures. Each of our artists is very good at casting bronze eagle sculptures. As a result, each of our outdoor bronze ornaments is very realistic and pleasing in appearance. YouFine artists cast eagle sculptures using the traditional lost wax method. Of course, YouFine artists could not only guarantee that each of our bronze eagle ornaments would be beautiful. And our quality is absolutely guaranteed. In the process of continuous improvement of casting technology, our bronze eagle is becoming more and more real. Additionally, our artists used chemical coloring to color the eagle sculpture. As a result, YouFine’s Bronze Eagle color may become more and more natural over time. If you prefer beautiful bronze eagle sculptures, then please contact YouFine now. We would provide people with all the latest eagle sculpture designs list.


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At YouFine, we offer many kinds of bronze Eagle sculptures. Request a free quote from us today! And You would get the 2022 sculpture design catalogue.



The Optimum Proportion of Bronze Content:

Bronze Content Proportion:

Usually, YouFine factories have a professional bronze eagle, casting artists. These people were very good at casting bronze outdoor eagle sculptures. Especially our artists have very high-quality requirements for bronze eagle ornaments. Therefore, our bronze content ratio is very strict. As many of us know, high-quality eagle sculptures could only be cast with the proper proportions of bronze content. For this reason, we are confident in the longevity of the bronze eagle sculpture. The internal copper content of our eagle sculpture is 5-8mm. Therefore, our bronze eagle ornaments are sure to withstand the wind and rain. There is no doubt that by choosing the YouFine factory, you may have a bronze eagle sculpture with good collectible and decorative value.

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Traditional Lost Wax Method:

Artists at the YouFine factory cast bronze eagle sculptures using the traditional lost wax method. What we know best is that these particular traditional techniques have been around for five thousand years. There is no doubt that our artists have fully mastered this particular technique. And, the artists at the YouFine factory innovated this technological innovation. Among them, we use silica sol technology. This method helps ensure that the statue looks beautiful. Especially for top-level sculptures, after using them for a long time, there would be no white spots on the surface of the sculptures. As a new result, YouFine’s eagle sculptures could have a long-term aesthetic.

Exquisite Caly Model:

Exquisite Caly Model:

Everyone agreed that a realistic clay model would ensure the fidelity of the Bronze Eagle. In particular, our artists learned to carve clay models of eagle sculptures at a young age. They were then able to sculpt the eagle’s expression and appearance details 100% to life. You could clearly see how real this eagle clay model is. And, during the clay model engraving process, our artists would modify and adjust the details according to the customer’s requirements. We absolutely respect the aesthetic concerns of our clients. Of course, during this process, our artists would also give appropriate advice to clients. We are in awe of sculptures and artworks.

Sophisticated Polishing:

Sophisticated Polishing:

YouFine factory has professional polishing sculptors. They are perfecting bronze eagle ornaments every day. First, our artists weld the sculptures using full and spot welding techniques. This technique could ensure that the sculpture is welded very firmly. As a result, the sculpture has a longer lifespan. Our polishing artist then polishes the sculpture. You could obviously see that the eagle sculpture is very smooth all over. Therefore, you won’t see the solder joints at all. By polishing, the surface of the bronze eagle sculpture is free of any trachoma. Because our artists use different grinding wheels to polish every detail of the bronze eagle sculpture. After very careful sanding, you could obtain a flawless bronze eagle sculpture.

Chemical Coloring Method:

The designers at YouFine Factory used chemical coloring to color the bronze large eagle sculpture. This approach ensures that the colors of bronze eagle sculptures often become more natural. In particular, YouFine artists are very good at color grading. Then, the artists would make the eagle sculpture come in various colors according to the typical chemical combination. In addition, our own artists would also satisfy your desired colors. There is no doubt that your bronze bald eagle sculpture would become one of a kind. And, this featured eagle sculpture would become your exclusive personal property.

Sophisticated Polishing:

Secure Packaging:

YouFine factory has been exporting large quantities of bronze eagle sculptures for nearly 40 years. There is no doubt that we now have rich experience in foreign trade. In addition, we have professional packing and shipping staff. Therefore, our packaging is very safe. First, we wrapped the entire body of the sculpture in soft foam. Then, on the outside of the sculpture, we used a wooden crate with a back of 3cm to fix the statue. Finally, when it comes to the contact between the statue and the wooden crate, we also thickened the soft foam. Without a doubt, you would get a perfect life-size eagle sculpture.

Secure Packaging:



YouFine factory is capable of perfectly delivering eagle sculptures for large projects. In fact, we have undertaken many projects to cast large bronze eagle sculptures. We have received many positive reviews from our customers. If you want to cooperate in all aspects, please contact YouFine for more project details.



For bronze eagle sculptures that we already have clay models, you could use our models for free. Not only would this save you thousands of dollars, but you would also get your bronze eagle sculpture in the shortest time possible.



YouFine is a professional bronze casting sculpture factory. For the past 39 years, YouFine sculptures have been exported to Canada, UK, Indonesia, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Panama, and Nicaragua. Thanks to our high-quality eagle sculptures and attentive service, our life-size bronze silver eagles are becoming more and more popular, and our sculptures are well received by our clients.

eagle statue feedback
eagle statue feedbacks
eagle statue feedback
eagle statue feedback
eagle statue feedback
eagle statue feedback


We cast bronze eagle sculptures for clients all over the world every day, the following is the progress of our factory. We very much welcome you to visit our factory, YouFine would provide you with more styles of bronze eagle sculptures. Of course, because our order volume is very large, we buy raw materials at a very favorable price. Therefore, you would also get a very cost-effective bronze eagle sculpture.

Exquisite Caly Model:
Exquisite Caly Model:

The video below shows you the details of our bronze eagle sculpture in detail. Click the bottom to watch the video directly or contact us for more support. We are happy to provide you with more Bronze eagle Sculpture Buying Guide.




Our Professional Team-YouFine Sculpture

Our Professional Team:

YouFine Factory is a professional bronze eagle sculpture foundry, we have a professional working team. First of all, we certainly have professional designers, our designers could design the bronze eagle sculpture look you want for you. And, we could provide you with clear design images. Secondly, we have experienced casting designers who have been casting bronze eagle sculptures for many years. Without a doubt, your bronze eagle statue is the most perfect animal sculpture. Of course, we also have an extremely responsible quality inspection department. They strictly control the beauty and high quality of the decorations. In addition, we have a long history of cooperating with forwarders all over the world, so we could provide you with door-to-door service. In addition, our freight forwarder would also communicate the transportation status of the sculpture to you in real-time. From the above, it could be seen that choosing the YouFine factory is your wisest choice.



Is YouFine a Factory or a Trading Company?

YouFine has a professional bronze sculpture factory. We produce exquisite bronze eagle sculptures and make different clay models for different sculpture designs.

Does YouFine Accept Custom Sculptures?

Yes, YouFine could customize bronze eagle sculptures according to customers’ requirements. Our customization services include exterior design color customization and size customization. With years of customization experience, YouFine could customize sculptures according to your design drawings and requirements, and could also provide customized solutions according to your needs.

Is There Any Discount?

Based on the total price and quantity of your order, we would like to give you a reasonable discount.

How Soon Could I Receive the Sculpture?

It takes 60-70 days in total, including 20-25 days to your country, 20-25 days to your city, and an extra few days to your home.

Could I Get a Chance to See the Manufacturing Process?

Of course, YouFine would be happy to share some pictures or videos of eagle sculpture making and packaging. Of course, you could also visit our factory and see the process for yourself.

What About the Price?

The price of bronze eagle sculptures depends on their material, size, and complexity of the design. If you need an accurate quote, please contact us and tell us your requirements for a eagle sculpture. YouFine professional consultants would provide you with detailed information on your preferred sculpture and provide you with an accurate quote.

How to Make a Deal?

First, the factory would confirm the design, size, and raw materials of the sculpture and give you a quotation. After we agree on the price, we would sign the contract. Of course, you need to pay a deposit first. Then we started making bronze eagle sculptures.

Are bronze statues valuable?

First of all, choosing a bronze eagle sculpture is of course collectible. At YouFine factory, you could easily get small bronze eagle sculptures for less than $2000 or even $1000. On the other hand, 1:1 scale and super large eagle sculptures usually cost a lot, with an average price between $4,000 and $5,000. The main reason for such a wide price range is that bronze statues are complex and there are many factors that determine the price of a single statue.

How can you tell if a bronze sculpture is real?

The first thing to do when examining a bronze sculpture is to look. We could see the color of the sculpture, the color of high-quality bronze sculpture is natural. The second is to identify the weight of the bronze sculpture. In terms of quality: bronze sculptures are of heavy quality, especially cast bronze sculptures to have thickness. In terms of craftsmanship, the sculptures after casting must be processed with meticulous sculpture techniques. Therefore, the expression, demeanor, and processing marks of the base of the sculpture are clearly visible.

What is the meaning of the eagle statue?

We all want to have eyes as precise as an eagle and a spirit of bravery like an eagle. And the eagle symbolizes freedom, strength, valor and victory. Among them, there are many species of eagles. The bald eagle, which is unique to North America, is the national bird of the United States. Especially in the national emblem pattern of the United States, the eagle is the main body of the pattern.


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