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Wild Animal Bronze Vulture Statue Garden Ornament for Sale

This bronze vulture statue is cast by YouFine. Our superb carving skills and fine detail control make this sculpture present the most charming brilliance. It is a piece of art that can bring your home space alive and add vitality to your garden.

Item No: BAN-076

Material: Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantages: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery


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Bronze Vulture Statue Description

This bronze vulture statue for garden decoration is well crafted. Our artists captured the vulture’s truest form, making the entire statue come alive. Vultures are nature’s scavengers, feeding mainly on dead animals. They look a bit like eagles, with bald heads and sharp beaks. Vultures have wide wings, which are very suitable for long-term gliding, making it easier for them to find food. Their eyes scan the front as if they are looking for prey. Their strong hind legs and broad wings are ready to pounce on their prey at any time.

bronze vulture statue-

Our artists have accurately captured every feature of the vulture, and perfectly present the state of the vulture’s wings open and closed in the statue. Such sculptures placed in the home or garden can enhance the refinement of the overall environment.

bronze vulture statue--

Delicate and Realistic 1:1 Clay Model

The vulture clay model is completely reproduced according to the design drawing. Our clay model experts have decades of carving experience. Their extreme pursuit of details makes the entire statue structure accurate, the proportions coordinated, and each line is smooth and powerful. Every detail on this clay model is the result of the efforts of our artists. The layered shape of the vulture’s wings, the fluff on its neck, every turn, every shape is perfectly in line with the real form of the vulture.

vulture statue

vulture statue-

Bring Wildness Into Your House

Vultures are the guardians of nature’s ecological environment and are very important in maintaining the health of the ecological environment. The vulture’s eagle-like nature makes this statue unique in appearance. Its sharp eyes and beak make people feel the ferocity of wild animals, allowing people to feel the wildness of nature at home. Placing it at home can not only show the owner’s unique taste but also convey the concept of protecting the ecological environment.

bronze vulture statue.


YouFine’s bronze animal sculptures are often used in public art installations, garden sculptures, and collections. Through unique artistic expressions, they demonstrate people’s awe and reflection on nature and life. If you like this bronze vulture statue, you might also like our antique bronze eagle statue.

bronze vulture statue

If you want to add some natural atmosphere to your home, come to YouFine and start your wonderful wild journey with us.


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