Life Size Bronze Deer, Elk, Stag and Moose Statues

We specialize in designing and casting life-size and large-size bronze deer statues, stag statues, and reindeer statues for outdoor and garden decoration.

Life Size Bronze Deer Statue

Check out our bronze deer statue selection for the very best in unique or custom, hand-cast pieces from YouFine Art Bronze Foundry.

Life Size Deer Statue

Life Size Deer Statue

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Outdoor Deer Statues

Outdoor Deer Statues

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YouFine Foundry

YouFine Art Bronze Foundry is proudly located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, known as the “Hometown of Chinese Sculpture”. Our heritage dates back to 1983 and over the past four decades, we have cast life-size bronze deer, elk, stag, and moose statues for clients around the world.



Our bronze foundry has a modern workshop and state-of-the-art clay modeling studio. Here, our passion meets precision. We specialize in a collection of bronze deer sculpture masterpieces, each one a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our bronze deer sculptures are extremely lifelike and realistic, they display the vivid vitality of wild animals and the rich emotions people have for loving and protecting them.


At YouFine Art Bronze Foundry, we cast people’s ideas and pursuit of a better life into bronze sculptures, giving life to imagination.

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YouFine Deer Statues Advantage

With its realistic color and lifelike appearance, YouFine's beautiful bronze stag statue will make a delightful addition to any yard or garden.

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Many Bronze Deer Styles

With 40 years of experienced bronze animal casting factory, we have many styles of bronze deer, and we could meet your different needs.

life size deer statues clay model

Free Deer Statue Clay Model

YouFine many bronze deer sculptures already have clay models, so you could use our clay models for free. Therefore you would save a clay model fee.

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Deer Statue Customized Services

We would also provide design drawing services. Our professional designers could reproduce the actual sculpture according to the customer's description.

Doe and Fawn Statues

Realistic And Exquisite Deer Statue Details

Our bronze deer sculptures are guaranteed to be exquisitely detailed and realistic. Moreover, the color of the bronze deer is also very natural and beautiful.

Deer Statue Client Testimonials

This bronze fighting deer sculpture is really lifelike and our entire community loves this life size bronze deer statue.
UK Customer Feedback
Our collie loves this realistic bronze deer sculpture. He adds a lot of fun to our farm just standing there.
feedback photo of bronze elk statue
US Customer Feedback
The roaring wild deer sculpture allows us to see the charm of wild animals. We have been working hard to protect wildlife and this is our first step.
feedback photo of bronze deer statue
Canadian Customer Feedback

Bronze Deer Statue FAQ

These statues are popular for garden decor, parks, and estates, and as artistic expressions of wildlife appreciation.

These statues are popular for garden decor, parks, and estates, and as artistic expressions of wildlife appreciation.

Prices vary widely depending on size, style, and detailing. They could range from hundreds to several thousand dollars.

Regularly clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent to prevent patina damage, and protect from extreme weather.

Yes, but extreme weather may require additional protection and maintenance.

They could be displayed indoors as well, depending on the design and available space.

Yes, YouFine offers customization options for a personal touch.

Contact the YouFine Foundry, discuss your ideas, and finalize the design.

In many cultures, deer symbolizes grace, gentleness, and the connection between humans and nature.

Properly cared for, they could last for generations due to bronze’s durability.

It depends on the size and weight. Larger sculptures might need a sturdy base for stability.

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