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Giant Bronze globe statue Olympic Strength Training Center Decor

The name of this large bronze globe and figure sculpture is "Olympic Strength". Our factory specializes in casting large bronze sculptures for sporting events, and we have extensive experience in installing large bronze projects.

Item No: BFI-035

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Keywords1: Bronze Globe Statue

Keywords2: Bronze Sphere Statue

Application: Garden, School, Square, Park

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At the center of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs stands “Olympic Strength,” a monumental sculpture featuring a 24-foot bronze globe statue supported by four gold medalist athletes. These athletes include a Caucasian woman, an African American man, a Paralympian, and an ancient Greek Olympian.

giant globe statue

The globe bears stars representing each Olympic host city, while the base is adorned with 45 bronze icons symbolizing the Olympic and Pan American Games. Crafted in a classic style, the sculpture embodies teamwork and Olympic ideals. One of the statues was modeled after Vince Cecere, standing 25 feet tall and representing ancient Greece. His exact likeness, standing at 12 feet tall, adds to the grandeur of the sculpture.

Olympic Training Center statue
Atlas-Bronze-Casting Globe Statue
Atlas-Bronze-Globe Statue

Exquisite and Lifelike Clay Models:

We have produced many bronze globe statues at our factory, and the large bronze globes cast by our factory are exceptionally exquisite and sturdy. Our figure sculptures would feature lifelike clay models created to the same proportions. Our artists excel at portraying individuals and embodying the spirit of Olympic statue athletes’ dedication and perseverance.

Clay Model
Exquisite Clay Model
Outdoor Angel Statue clay model

Safe and Beautiful Welding Work:

For such a massive bronze globe sculpture, safety is paramount to us. Our welding craftsmen are highly skilled, holding advanced welding certifications. Throughout the welding process, we adhere strictly to the sculpture’s structural integrity and proportional harmony, ensuring that every detail is meticulously showcased while prioritizing safety standards.

Absolutely Safe and Beautiful Welding Work

We Provide Various Installation Options:

Firstly, the bronze globe sculpture could be installed using a method where iron frames are embedded. Sturdy iron frames are welded at each support point of the figures and then cemented into place, ensuring robustness and safety. Additionally, an alternative installation method involves inserting reinforced steel directly into the cement layer, providing stability. Of course, if preferred, bolt installation is also an available option for clients.

Sport statue
Life size sport statue
Bronze Sport statue
Olympic Strength
atlas-bronze Globe Statue

If you’re considering casting a bronze globe sculpture, feel free to reach out to us. Our artists excel in crafting sculptures that seamlessly combine figures with the Earth. Moreover, we’ve crafted numerous commemorative sculptures for renowned athletes.


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