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Bronze Billiken Statue SLU School Mascot Drury Plaza Garden Decor

We have cast bronze mascot sculptures of different shapes for many schools. Of course, YouFine's artists could reproduce the exquisite and lovely Billiken statue that brings good luck to you.

Item No: BAB-004

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

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SLU’s (Saint Louis University) unique mascot and symbol of good luck – the Billiken statue. The Billiken is a cute statue that is considered a symbol of good luck and happiness. This mascot is very famous on the SLU campus. Many students and alumni would visit Billiken before exams or important events, hoping for good luck and success.

Bronze Billiken Statue
Billiken Statue school bronze Mascot

The tradition of the Billiken statue dates back to the early 20th century, when SLU alumni discovered the statue on a trip, believed it brought good luck, and adopted it as the campus mascot. The Billiken statue could now be seen in several places on SLU’s campus, including the campus’s library and student residence halls.

Billiken Statue

Unique Mascot Billiken Statue:

SLU’s unique mascot and symbol of good luck is the Billiken statue. There are Billikens symbols throughout campus, but perhaps the most easily identifiable representation is a statue located outside Chaifetz Arena. Legend has it that if you rub its belly, it would bring good luck. Billiken’s belly is worn until it shines from the thousands of people rubbing it. The plaque on the base of the Billiken reads: “According to legend if you rub its belly, you would have good luck.” Let the Billiken bring you good luck!

lifesize Bronze Billiken sculpture
Bronze Billiken mascot sculpture

Various Bronze Mascot Sculptures:

When creating bronze mascot sculptures for various school clients, we have cast a range of different bronze statues. The lion, symbolizing courage and strength, is often the preferred mascot sculpture for many schools. The owl, representing wisdom and knowledge, is highly favored in academic institutions. Bears, seen as symbols of resilience and power, are selected as mascots in some schools. Eagles, traditionally associated with freedom and the pursuit of excellence, are chosen as mascots by certain institutions.

Billiken mascot sculpture
Bobcat Wildlife School Mascot

Dragons, considered mysterious and powerful in some cultures, are also crafted as mascot sculptures in certain schools. The gentle and unified nature of sheep makes them popular mascots in some educational settings. The choice of these mascot sculpture designs could vary depending on the specific needs and cultural backgrounds of each school.

Dragons statue
large art Duke dog statue

Of course, our designers would also create bronze mascot sculptures of different shapes according to the needs of customers and the culture of the school, including the unicorn that represents mystery and purity and the Greek mythological creature griffin that is considered a protector. Of course, we also cast abstract modern bronze school statues for some universities. We provide customized services to meet our clients’ needs.

Wildcat Statue
large bronze school lion statue
bronze horse statue
YouFine factory

If your school committee would like to cast a bronze mascot for your school, please feel free to contact us.



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