Top 10 Famous Bronze Olympic Sport Statue for Sale

Our factory specializes in crafting exquisite and lifelike bronze Olympic statues. With skilled artisans adept at capturing intricate details and the spirit of athleticism, we ensure each statue reflects the essence of its subject. Whether it’s a sprinter frozen in motion or a basketball player soaring to victory, our sculptures capture the passion and dynamism of Olympic sports. Trust us to bring your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and authenticity.

olympic sculpture

Top 1 Olympic Gateway

The “Olympic Gateway” arch and statues at the entrance of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum were completed on June 1, 1984. Commissioned by the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, it commemorates the 23rd Olympic Games. The 20,000-pound arch stands 25 feet above the ground, featuring Olympic statue torsos of male and female athletes at the top.

Olympic Games Sculptures for sale

Initially modeled in clay, the male and female torsos were 27 inches tall. Using a pantograph (3D pantograph), the scale model was enlarged three times in clay. Sixteen individual clay reliefs depict the torsos of athletes in motion. Each component is crafted from bronze sheets and treated with an antique bronze finish. Zinc-lined athletic torso patterns are inset on each pillar, with gold leaf applied at the base of each cone. All work for the project was completed at the Robert Graham Studio in Venice, California.

bronze Olympic Gateway

Top 2 Olympic Runner

Henry J. Kiener, a steel company executive and lifelong athlete, left funds to build a fountain for an athlete. Zorach arrived in the US in 1891, residing in New York and Maine. He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and in Paris, receiving the National Institute of Arts and Letters Sculpture Gold Medal in 1961. Towards the end of his career, Zorach created the “Olympic Runner” for St. Louis but never saw its installation. He crafted the bronze Olympic statue runner, supported by bronze “waves” under its left hind leg.

bronze Olympic Runner
Olympic Runner

Top 3 Discus Thrower

The Discus Thrower is a mature work by sculptor Kostas Dimitriadis (1881-1943). Created in 1924, it won the first prize for Olympic statue at the 1924 Olympics in France. The original is located in Randall’s Island Park, New York, while a replica was erected in 1927 opposite the Panathenaic Stadium at Zappeion.

bronze Discus thrower
Discus thrower

Top 4 Olympic Strength

The 24-foot globe is supported by four giant athletes: a Caucasian woman, an African American man, a Paralympian, and an ancient Greek Olympian, all gold medalists. Stars on the globe represent each Olympic host city. Surrounding the base are 45 bronze icons representing Olympic and Pan American Games.

Olympic Strength

Emphasizing teamwork, “Olympic Strength” showcases athletes supporting Olympic ideals. Sculpted in classic style, it’s at the heart of the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Vince Cecere modeled for one of the statues. At 25 feet tall, each figure helps support the globe on their backs. Vince, representing ancient Greece, wears a robe with an olive branch. His statue matches him exactly, standing 12 feet tall.

bronze Olympic Strength

Top 5 Black Power Salute

Fifty years after the Mexico Olympics, when African American medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested discrimination by raising gloved fists on the podium, all three men were recognized for their courage. On October 16, 1968, the two American sprinters made a symbolic gesture, becoming iconic figures in the struggle for civil rights. Smith won gold and Carlos bronze in the 200-meter race. They each raised a fist with a black glove, barefoot, in one of the most enduring images of the civil rights movement. In 2005, their alma mater, San Jose State University in California, decided to erect a statue in their honor.

Black Power Salute

Top 6 Flair Across America 

Flair Across America is a bronze statue located in Atlanta, Georgia, created by artist Richard MacDonald in 1996 ahead of the Summer Olympics. It stands near the former Georgia Dome site within the Georgia World Congress Center complex. The sculpture is dedicated to Olympic athletes and all who demonstrate determination and dedication in the pursuit of excellence.

Flair Across America

Top 7 Keeping The Flame Alight

This is a commemorative Olympic torch relay sculpture that identifies and celebrates the most significant and crucial elements of the Olympic flame’s journey through communities. The essence of this concept is the passing of the flame from person to person.

Keeping The Flame Alight

The dramatic nature of this unique moment is symbolically captured through the depiction of two figures: one male and one female coming together to express a vibrant celebration of the Olympic spirit through the relay of the sacred flame.

Keeping The Flame Alight statue

These oversized bronze Olympic statues are highly accurate portraits of Herb Elliott and Shirley Strickland. They are crafted using the lost-wax silicon bronze sculpting and casting technique, ensuring that the details and realism match those of our existing heritage trail sculptures. We want to emphasize that as artists, we have a special ability to capture resemblances in bronze, thus ensuring the authentic and lifelike representation of Herb Elliott and Shirley Strickland, immortalizing them at the peak of their achievements.

Keeping The Flame Alight bronze statue

Top 8 Three Runners

The bronze Olympic statue “Three Runners” stands at double life-size at Clinton College in South Carolina. Discipline is the central theme of this commemorative sculpture, depicting a group of athletes running on the college’s new track. Clinton College has a longstanding tradition of offering challenging academics alongside a culture of honor, ethics, and service, nurturing students to become leaders in the community.

Three Runners

Top 9 Gateway of Dreams Monument

This monument is dedicated to Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee. He revived ancient Greek customs and brought them from his native France to the forefront of the world. The monument features an oversized statue of Coubertin ascending stairs, surrounded by Greek columns, the Olympic rings, and flying birds.

Gateway of Dreams Monument

Top 10 Sportsmanship

This statue commemorates a moment of sportsmanship at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. During the Australian Mile Championship, John Landy paused to help fallen runner Ron Clarke. The statues have been relocated several times within the Olympic Park area.


YouFine Foundry Casting More Athlete Statues

We have cast numerous renowned athlete sculptures, capturing the essence of their athletic prowess and spirit in bronze. From Olympians to sports legends, our portfolio boasts a diverse range of iconic figures immortalized in stunning detail, showcasing their enduring legacy and contribution to the world of sports.

olympic games statue

Jesse Owens statue: The legendary track and field athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, defying Adolf Hitler’s notions of Aryan supremacy.

Jesse Owens bronze statue

Michael Jordan statue: The basketball icon whose skill, athleticism, and competitive spirit made him one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Michael Jordan statue

Serena Williams statue: The tennis superstar with multiple Grand Slam titles, is known for her powerful serves and dominating presence on the court.

Usain Bolt statue: The Jamaican sprinter, widely regarded as the fastest man in the world, holds multiple world records in the 100m and 200m events.

Usain Bolt bronze statue

These Sports Statues capture the essence of these athletes’ achievements and contributions to their respective sports.

Harry Jerome statue

YouFine Foundry Excellent Artist

At YouFine Casting Factory, we specialize in crafting bronze Olympic statues, particularly Olympic athlete statues. Our artisans possess exceptional skill in sculpting intricate clay models, adept at capturing the nuanced details of the human form with remarkable precision. From the subtle contours of muscles to the intricate features of the face, our artisans ensure that every aspect of the sculpture reflects the essence and spirit of athleticism.

Three Runners clay model
Exquisite Clay Model
football player bronze statue

We take pride in our ability to convey the spirit of athleticism in our Olympic sculptures, showcasing the dedication and passion of sportsmanship. With our expertise in bronze casting techniques and dedication to quality, we ensure that each Olympic statue embodies the essence of the sporting spirit, making them timeless pieces of art.



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