2023 Selection Guide for Bronze Garden Sculpture Decoration

A beautiful garden makes your home warm and colorful. Creating a home garden is part of your well-being and with a little effort and love, it could completely change the look of your yard. Today we would give a comprehensive guide on how to choose a bronze garden sculpture that you like. Of course, the Garden of Dreams is the home after 9-6, a great place to unwind after a long day at work. Sometimes sculpture would make a garden as you wish, more refreshing than a home. Especially the sculptures that have been waiting for you before you set foot in this house and welcome you home.

Animal Garden Sculpture:

First of all, the first and most popular garden sculptures are of course animal sculptures. Bronze deer sculpture is the best choice for customers. In addition, there are some cute little animal sculptures that would also bring a lot of fun to the customer’s garden. For example, the bronze sculptures of a group of bunnies and snails are also children’s playgrounds.

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This grizzly bear by David Wynne stands on the shore of a lake with Arnaldo Pomodoro’s “Triad” in the distance garden sculpture doesn’t have to be grand in scale. Caroline Barnett’s limited edition rare breed bronze chicken sculpture brings a delightful domestic element to the setting, this sculpture is perfect for the kitchen garden or close to the house. In addition, Caroline Barnett worked to capture essential features and outer forms, casting dog, hare, and sheep sculptures.

Garden Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Figure Garden Sculpture:

Secondly, beautiful female sculptures are also the best decoration for gardens. For example, our bird-feeding female sculptures have been ordered by many customers. And the color of this standard model is optional, we would design different colors and heights according to your garden style. Of course, if you want to customize any female and figure sculptures, our artists could realize them for you. And the expression and appearance of these sculptures are very real.

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Often we also see familiar mythological and fairy tale figures in gardens. This bronze sculpture of a girl evokes the girl intently trying to pry open the oyster shell she’s holding, perhaps to find a pearl inside.

Bird girl statue-YouFine Sculpture

And this bronze mermaid sculpture prototype is Mrs. Judson’s daughter. Her daughter Alice posed for the imaginative work at the age of three. Of course, we have many other exquisite mermaid sculptures.

mermaid statue-YouFine Sculpture

Figurative art and sculpture have been the passion of many artists since ancient times. Bring a classical aesthetic to the garden with figurative pieces. For a children’s garden, try whimsical characters that spark the imagination. Robert James casts characters from children’s stories in bronze.

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Botanical Garden Sculpture:

This witty pumpkin sculpture sits on a pedestal in the center of the fruit and vegetable garden. People have elevated a popular American plant to high art. Pumpkins are a trompe l’oeil art. This kind of sculpture is rendered in different shapes with artistic characteristics. Although it appears to be real, even larger than life, the sculpture was actually cast by the artist in bronze of a champion pumpkin purchased from the 1998 Lake County Pumpkin Sweepstakes.

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This botanical sculpture is called The Sower. The significance of the sculpture contributes to the commitment to understanding the mysteries of plant seed dispersal and the inheritance of the natural world.

garden-pumpkin-statue-YouFine Sculpture

Many bronze botanical sculptures could be placed on paths outside bulb gardens as real plants. Along the curving paths and surrounding shrubs, the garden sculptures are initially hidden, but then reveal their beauty as visitors approach.

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Abstract Garden Sculpture:

Many modern sculptures of contemporary art are also sought after by many customers. For example, Russell Page, an internationally renowned garden designer, transformed the company’s grounds into a botanical garden, turning the garden into a work of art. He imagined an atmosphere of stability and creativity. The Garden Sculpture Collection began in 1965 and consists of works by major 220th-century artists.

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This is the “double ellipse” designed by Henry Moore, ellipses standing side by side are like two people. They stand side by side but have a sense of distance. This large bronze abstract sculpture is especially suitable as a decorative artwork in public parks.

Bronze Garden Sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

This is followed by The Underworld, a partial view of a three-piece sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro. Allowing them to enjoy a moment of respite from their favorite artwork. This bronze sculpture’s name may refer to a smooth surface or shape. The sculpture was also reminiscent of the enigmatic Easter Island statues or the simplified forms of the artist Jean Arp.

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At YouFine you would find bronze garden sculptures from real gardeners, botanists, and designers. We have sculptures and stunning works of art from the world’s top gardens.

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The sculpture is essential to a stunning outdoor garden. Our garden sculpture would be the centerpiece of the home. This would easily attract everyone’s attention and create a “wow” effect.

Also, if your space allows, you could keep or hang unique garden sculptures of different sizes and shapes to add to the beauty of your garden. If you want an exquisite bronze garden sculpture please feel free to contact us. Our artists would provide you with professional artwork selection and advice.



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