How Can You Tell if a Statue is Real Bronze?

If we want to tell a statue is real bronze, it is necessary to know what real bronze is composed of, which would help me to find those fake bronze materials, and tell the real bronze better. The real bronze sculpture is very durable and the surface color with a very thin wax layer. Here we would provide some tips for you to tell a real bronze sculpture, hope this helps you more!

What is Real Bronze Made of?

Bronze metal is a copper and tin alloy that is shaped using the traditional method of bronze casting, using the lost wax process – used by artists in ancient Greece. These two metals could be mixed together, the copper content could range from 60% to 90%, and tin makes up the remaining percentage. But our YouFine bronze sculpture consisted of mostly copper (around 90%) and tin (about 10%).

Golden Angel Sculpture Feedback from American Customers
Golden Bronze Angel Sculpture Feedback from American Customers

Here are Some Tips to Tell a Real Bronze Sculpture:

Sound Test: Generally this is the easiest way to tell a real bronze. If you tap a bronze sculpture with another object such as your finger or a solid object like a wedding ring, the real bronze produces a clear, resonant sound for a few seconds, similar to a bell. Whereas the fake bronze or other materials may produce a dull thud or plastic sound and no reverberations.

Patina Test: Real bronze would form a unique patina over time as it relates to the environment. This patina may be various in color, from green to brown to black, depending on factors like exposure to air and moisture. Real bronze sculptures often show one natural patina, while fake bronze may not or show signs of artificial patination.

Sculpture of the little elf angel
Sculpture of the Little Elf Angel

Real Bronze, Brass, and Copper Color Change:

Bronze: starts reddish/brown and ages to black brown

Brass: starts yellow/gold and ages to light brown

Copper: starts reddish and ages to green

Weight Test: The real bronze sculpture is generally heavy due to the high density of the metal. So if a sculpture feels unnaturally light, it may not be made of real bronze. Of course, sometimes bronze resin could be heavier than real bronze sculpture. So we need to tell the real bronze sculpture more carefully.   

Magnet Test: This method is usually used to identify the real bronze and cast iron sculpture. Take a small magnet and hold it up to the sculpture, if it sticks, with a high probability that the sculpture is made of cast iron instead of bronze because real bronze has very low magnetic properties, but iron has very strong properties.

Scratch Test: As we all know when a bronze sculpture is painted the wax or patination layers, it looks like a resin sculpture with bronze powder, so it would be very difficult to distinguish a real bronze and resin sculpture, especially without another real bronze sculpture we could reference for comparison. In this case, we could use a metallic object like a dull knife to gently scratch a small area, if the area appears yellow, it’s likely bronze.

Low Price: If you buy a bronze sculpture at an unusually low price, maybe you need to consider its real material, because real bronze sculptures are often highly valuable due to the complex and the dedicated hand craftsmanship and the high copper content, so if the same bronze sculpture with a varies different price, maybe one of them is a fake bronze sculpture.

Above mentioned tips may help us to tell a real bronze sculpture. But here I want to say if you are really worried about the quality of bronze sculpture, maybe you could choose our YouFine art sculpture factory. YouFine has specialized in the design and manufacture of bronze sculpture for more than 40 years, and we are the origin of China sculpture, there are 80% of bronze sculptures in the market.  

Feedback on the famous General Donald bronze statue
Feedback on the Famous General Donald Bronze Statue

YouFine High-quality Bronze Sculpture:

All of our bronze sculptures with high copper content, and the bronze thickness reaches 6-8mm, which is better than the usual 3-4mm. We have made numerous bronze sculptures for our clients with different styles, and most of them are very satisfied with our quality.

Dark blue Poseidon sculpture
YouFine Dark blue Poseidon Sculpture

Also, we make 1:1 clay models for our bronze sculptures, and our professional hand artists have specialized in different sculpture fields (figure, animal, garden products, abstract style, and so on ) for many years with rich experience. About some details, our hand artists would modify repeatedly according to our clients’ requirements, such as the nails, hair, and eyes of little size figure sculpture and the wing of the bronze angel sculpture, so our restoration of custom bronze sculpture is rather high.

Poseidon sculpture clay model
Poseidon Sculpture Clay Model

If you want to customize one bronze sculpture, you could choose us and we are glad to welcome your inquiry, you could check our bronze sculpture quality, and we trust you would receive a big surprise for our high-quality bronze sculpture.


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