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What Was the function of the Anavysos Kouros Statue?

Bronze Anavysos Kouros Details:

The overall shape of the bronze Anavysos Kouros is very smooth, and the physical characteristics of the characters flow in its gorgeous malachite patina. We may be able to feel the taste of metallic softness. And this sculpture has a striking linear silhouette. The outline of this male standing statue is very distinct. For example, in the outline of the leg, you would find no indentation from the calf to the knee. These continuous lines are as smooth and perfect as the real body. Of course, our artist could fully reproduce this ancient Greek figure sculpture.

ancient greek art-YouFine Sculpture

What is Anavysos Kouros?

Kuros is a standing statue of a naked youth. It does not represent any individual young person, but the thinking of the youth. In ancient Greece, the standard Chloe stood with his left foot forward and his arms by his sides. Moreover, they looked ahead, both to offer sacrifices to the gods and to commemorate their tombstones.

greek sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

What Purpose are Kouros Sculptures?

The Croesus Youth Statue is a marble youth statue in the Anavissos region of Attica, ancient Greece. The statue commemorates Croesus, a young Athenian warrior who died in battle. Also, this sculpture is the marker of the tomb of Anavysos Kouros. Anavysos Kouros’s sculpture is self-supporting. He was facing straight ahead, with a typical “archaic smile” on his face. In addition, experts identified this bronze Anavysos Kouros statue, cast around 540-515 BC, with a height of 1.95 meters. The statue is now in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

bronze anavysos kouros-YouFine Sculpture

What is the Definition of Kouros?

Statue of youth is a modern term used to describe free-standing ancient Greek sculpture. Such sculptures were first discovered in the Archaic period. Also, kouros represents a statue of a nude male youth. In ancient Greece, “kouros” meant a young boy, and in most cases, it was specific to the aristocratic class. Although statues of youth have been found throughout ancient Greek territory, they are mainly concentrated in Attica and Boeotia. They are usually life-size, but some early works also have statues as large as 3 meters high. Corresponding to the youth statue is the maiden statue, which is kore in English.

classical greek sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Traditional Lost Wax Casting:

YouFine artists have been casting bronze figures for 40 years. Our artists are exposed to the process of casting sculptures from an early age. Also, we employ an ancient technique passed down through generations. All of our bronze sculptures are created using a technique called the “Lost Wax” casting method. And, they learn little by little from apprenticeships and accumulate rich practical experience. This method has been passed down from generation to generation. Unlike others, we only trust the best techniques, no matter how difficult they are. The “Lost Wax” method produces the highest quality work. It preserves all the gorgeous details that make your sculpture truly an extraordinary work of art.

kritios boy-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine’s artists could cast a highly restored bronze Anavysos Kouros for you. If you want this ancient Greek sculpture please feel free to contact us.



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