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The Most Popular Greek Male Statues in the World

Greek mythology is still a favorite topic of conversation today and ancient Greek mythology figures shine on us like a ray of sunshine in the sky. Myth is always so beautiful, so charming, let you into the fantasy of the world, and deeply attracted more people. Maybe you grew up hearing stories about Greek mythology. This also introduces you to the gods of Greek male statues. Such as the Zeus statue, Apollo statue, Poseidon sculpture… There are countless famous and popular mythology Greek statues in the world. The artists at YouFine would give you the full details and look of these bronze Greek god sculptures.

Greek god statues-YouFine Sculpture
famous Greek statues male-YouFine Sculpture

Bronze Statue of Apollo Belvedere

Apollo is the god of light and art in ancient Greek mythology. Among them, the typical image of Apollo’s sculpture is a lyre with seven strings in his right hand and a golden ball symbolizing the sun in his left hand. Moreover, he is the most versatile and handsome deity in Greek mythology. And the bronze statue of Apollo Belvedere is a Roman marble copy of a bronze original of the ancient greek sculptor Leohara in Pavlovsk park, saint Petersburg, Russia. YouFine could cast a realistic bronze statue of Apollo for you.

Apollo statue-YouFine Sculpture
Apollo Bronze statue-YouFine Sculpture
Apollo sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Greek Mythology Bronze Zeus Statue

Zeus is the third generation of gods in ancient Greek mythology. Moreover, he is the supreme god who rules all things in the world and the greatest god in Greek mythology. A bronze statue of Zeus is displayed in the central hall of the United Nations Headquarters building. The statue of Zeus spreads his arms, engrossed as if to burst into force. This is the masterpiece of ancient Greek sculpture.

bronze Zeus statues-YouFine Sculpture

The statue is 2.09 meters high and cast in bronze. No Zeus sculpture perfectly expresses the mental state of the heroic figures. The bronze Zeus sculpture truly embodies the spirit of the classical Greek period and the heroic spirit of the Greek nation. This bronze sculpture is one of the most important surviving statues of Greek heroes.

Zeus statue-YouFine Sculpture

The Bronze Statue of Poseidon in Korinthia

Poseidon is the god of the ocean. and The Statue of Poseidon was a gigantic bronze statue of the Greek god Poseidon in the Port of Lechaion in Korinth, Korinthia, Greece. YouFine bronze Poseidon statue in the sea is something you would never miss. When you see this mighty statue, you would definitely feel very shocked! As the god of the sea, Poseidon has an extraordinary meaning to us. You could clearly see that Poseidon’s body is full of power and supernatural power. Then you would notice that his arms are muscular.

Bronze statue Poseidon-YouFine Sculpture
Bronze Poseidon-YouFine Sculpture

Famous Bronze Farnese Hercules Statue

The hero Hercules is one of the most famous sculptures of ancient times and fixed the image of mythical heroes in European thought. The Farnese Hercules statue is a huge and muscular bronze statue version. This statue depicts a tired Hercules leaning on his stick covered with his lion skin. Hercules’ body is muscular, showing his strong body. The beard on their face showed his majesty even more. YouFine would use the traditional lost wax method to cast this statue.

Farnese Hercules Statue-YouFine Sculpture
Farnese Hercules sculpture-YouFine Sculpture
bronze Farnese Hercules Statue-YouFine Sculpture

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain Anteros Statue

The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, commonly known as “Eros”, is a fountain. Above is the winged statue of Anteros. But it was created as an image of the Greek god’s brother Anteros. Sculptor Alfred Gilbert has already cast statues of Anteros. That godlike figure is now London’s most famous work of sculpture, popularly known as Eros, the Greek God of love.

Anteros sculptures-YouFine Sculpture

Unfortunately, the statue does not depict Eros at all, but in fact depicts God’s twin brother Anteros, the god of requited love, The Anteros statue was cast by George Broad & Son at the Hammersmith Foundry. Anteros is shown as a winged figure, standing on the ball of one foot, a bow in his left hand, his right arm drawn back as if to launch an unseen arrow.

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain-YouFine Sculpture

Baroque Art Bronze Statue of Hermes

This famous bronze sculpture of an ancient Greek mythological figure was created by artist Jean-Baptiste Pigalle. He treats the young god as tying his shoelaces. And Hermes turned his eyes to look into the distance. Moreover, with the violently twisting momentum of Hermes’entire body, this figure sculpture is obviously different from classical sculpture, but there is no Rococo-style affectation.

Hermes Bronze statue -YouFine Sculpture

This sporty, lively shape is reminiscent of Baroque art. Statue of Hermes in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia. In addition, the statue of Hermes in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia in Greece is over 2000 years old. This Hermes statue is generally considered to be the original work of the famous Greek sculptor Praxiteles. And, it is one of the few works of art in the world.

Hermes sculptures-YouFine Sculpture

Advantages of YouFine Foundry:

The Greek mythological male statue works have a greater impact on the public. YouFine artist uses the traditional lost wax casting technique to make every famous Greek statue male. This technique enables the sculpture to convey its eternal value and true emotions.

Hermes Bronze sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine has professional coloring artists who pay great attention to the beauty of colors. You could clearly see that the surface of the Greek sculpture is extremely smooth. And the colors are gorgeous. YouFine’s coloring artists use chemical coloring methods, so they could fully express the ultimate beauty of the sculpture. Of course, the colors of YouFine ancient Greek male statues would change over time, becoming more natural.

Greek male statue-YouFine Sculpture

The Bronze Greek male statue has a long history and the metal sculpture has a unique special sense. It would make your home decoration enhances the overall style and texture. If you like the bronze Greek male statues, please click here to submit an Online Case Form. Feel free to email us directly:



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