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Why People Love Bronze Horse Sculpture?

Why People Love Bronze Horse Sculpture?

A handsome and beautiful bronze horse sculpture has always been loved by people. In ancient China, the image of horses not only appeared frequently in poetry and songs, but also in the daily life of the aristocrats. With the development of the times, sculptures and statues carved into different shapes are preserved in the long river of history. The bronze horse sculpture is also one of the favorite sculptures.

life size bronze horse sculpture

The History of Horse Culture :

The history of horse culture has a long history. Since the birth of the 5,000-year-old Chinese traditional culture. The horse culture has been accompanied by the progress and development of the Chinese nation. And has greatly promoted and promoted it.

From the hunting of horses to the taming of spare horses, breeding, to riding, labor, transportation, war, communication, technology, etc. It shows that Chinese traditional culture should first be the culture of horse culture.

bronze horse foundry

Horses occupy an indispensable position in human life. All fields related to human life, such as production, life, transportation, communication, military, medical, education, scientific research, etc. It have been closely related to human life and contact. Especially in the period of underdeveloped technology, horses are an important means of transportation for human beings.

Of course, the horse culture is an important core component of Chinese traditional culture. The foundation and crown of Chinese traditional culture, and the supporting framework of Chinese traditional culture. It could be said that without the horse culture, there is no development of Chinese traditional culture today.

Life Size Custom Made Bronze Racing Horse with Jockey Statue Design Horse Garden Sculpture

At the same time, the horse’s temperament is mild and a symbol of good fortune. For a long time, horse culture has mainly regarded “auspiciousness” as its core value, including symbolic meanings such as blessing, prayer, encouragement and success. “Success in success” has become synonymous with people’s mutual blessing. Therefore, people often place bronze horse sculptures to represent good fortune or good luck.

processing of bronze horse statues

The Advantage of Our Bronze Horse Sculpure:

Our bronze horse sculpture is made of bronze materials and cast in the traditional lost wax method. The surface is finely ground, polished and finally finished with a high-tech thermal coloring process. All of our bronze horse sculptures are hand-built, the color is natural and beautiful. The whole bronze horse sculpture is vivid and natural, and it is a rare bronze horse craft.



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