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What is the New MLK Sculpture Supposed to Be?

What Should the New MLK Sculpture Be?

The new bronze MLK sculpture is located in Boston Common. This headless and bodyless bronze monumental sculpture was created by artist Hank Willis Thomas. Additionally, the sculpture was based on a photo of the couple embracing after Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

What is the Bronze Sculpture Commemorating MLK?

The bronze sculpture commemorating MLK is named Embrace. In 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrated his Nobel Peace Prize in an embrace with his wife Coretta. And, in Boston, the moment was captured and lived on forever. Another celebration was the casting of MLK’s bronze sculpture. The custom sculpture stands 20 feet tall and weighs 19 tons. Additionally, an MLK sculpture depicting four intertwined arms was unveiled at America’s oldest park.

The Meaning Expressed by MLK’s Sculpture:

The MLK sculptural monument, designed by artist Hank Willis Thomas, is called “The Embrace”. It was particularly inspired by a photo of the couple embracing after King was announced as the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1964.

mlk bronze statue-YouFine Sculpture

Willis Thomas emphasizes that physical hugs provide a sense of mental and emotional protection. The bronze work has 600 parts welded together. The plaza below the statue is diamond-shaped stone blocks, reminiscent of the African-American quilting tradition.

mlk bronze sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Of course, people could feel love, strength, and unity through a tightly held arm. Also, a deep hug between husband and wife also symbolizes a good marriage and partnership. People could see the warmth and strength of a hug. Through all these different trials and tribulations, it was seen that the strength of Coretta Scott King really held up Martin Luther King, Jr.

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