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Life-size Mermaid Bronze Figure Statues Garden Decoration for Sale BOKK-335

There are many mermaid sculptures of different shapes all over the world. It is clear that the mermaid sculpture is loved by everyone. At YouFine could create lifelike mermaid sculptures for you. If you like a mermaid sculptures in this shape, please contact us immediately. YouFine would provide you with the most comprehensive catalog of mermaid sculpture designs.

Item No: BOKK-335

Material: Casting Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Service: Customize Acceptably

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram

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Introducing Bronze Mermaid:

This delicate bronze statue of The Little Mermaid is so beautiful. Generally speaking. The life-size mermaid is looking into the distance, waiting for love. But this mermaid sculpture isn’t alone in waiting. There was a lovely boy standing beside her. No doubt it must be an impressive bronze sculpture. Of course, this wonderful bronze sculpture could decorate beaches, parks, gardens, amusement parks, and more.

Introducing Bronze Mermaid:

To Make a 1:1 Scale Clay Model:

YouFine’s life-size mermaid sculptures have a 1:1 scale clay model. Our artists have been making clay models for 20 years. There is no doubt that they are all top artists. Our mermaid clay model is very realistic. You would be very moved when you see our clay model. During the process of sculpting the clay model, our artist also seeks the customer’s opinion. Therefore, we could modify the clay model at any time. There is no doubt that we are absolutely able to meet the needs of our customers.

To Make a 1:1 Scale Clay Model:

High-quality Bronze as Raw Material:

For bronze casting, YouFine factory insists on using carefully selected high-quality bronze as raw material. The raw materials we use could make the statue last for many years. Moreover, high-quality bronze raw materials could enhance the exquisiteness of the sculpture. Of course, we also have a special quality management department to supervise the quality of the carving. Therefore, we would definitely cast high-quality bronze mermaid sculptures for you.

High-quality Bronze as Raw Material:

What does the Little Mermaid Statue Symbolize?

We all know that the famous statue in Copenhagen harbor is dedicated to the story of The Little Mermaid. She gave up everything for the prince’s hopeless love. Today, The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is Denmark’s most famous tourist attraction. It is also one of the most photographed statues in the world.

What does the Little Mermaid Statue Symbolize?

What is the True Little Mermaid Story?

When the little mermaid was fifteen years old, she finally floated to the surface to glimpse the human world. She saw a birthday party on a big ship. And, the protagonist of the party is a handsome prince. The Little Mermaid fell in love with him at first sight. Soon after, a violent storm destroys the ship, and the little mermaid rescues the drowning prince. However, after the mermaid turned into a human, although she had a good time with the prince. However, the prince still married the princess of a neighboring country. The Little Mermaid was heartbroken. She sacrificed everything for love, but only in exchange for grief, pain, and cruel death.

hat is the True Little Mermaid Story?

Mermaid Sculptures Around the World:

In addition to the original statue in Copenhagen, there are more than 13 intact mermaid statues around the world. Solvang, California, for example, is modeled after the mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor. In addition, there are mermaid sculptures in Kimbolton, Iowa, Romania, Madrid, Seoul, South Korea, and Calgary, Alberta, Candada. Also, there is a mermaid sculpture at the grave of Danish-American entertainer Victor Borge. Also, there are statues of mermaids and Andersen at Copenhagen Airport.

Mermaid Sculptures Around the World:
Mermaid Sculptures Around the World:

Without a doubt, if you want a perfect mermaid sculpture, please contact us today. YouFine would cast more beautiful and realistic mermaid sculptures for you.



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