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The legendary Secretariat Bronze Statue memorial, an emblem of remarkable contributions to the world of horse racing, stands as the ultimate accolade for these magnificent athletes. We have the expertise to impeccably capture the grandeur of this bronze horse sculpture, ensuring its restoration in all its splendor.

Item No: BAN-036

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

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Application: Garden, Farm, Square, Racecourse, Zoo

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The Secretariat is a marvel and an epitome of perfection in the world of horses. The Secretariat bronze statue monument is crafted from high-quality bronze, and our artists possess the skill to recreate its unforgettable presence and appearance. He would continue to gallop through our lives and racecourses.

Secretariat Bronze Statue Detail:

Beneath its vibrant red coat, the bronze racing horse sculpture depicts muscles pulsating dramatically, with hooves stretching farther forward, boasting a stride longer than any horse before or after. The bronze horse’s well-developed muscles gleam, surpassing even those of a real horse in size. Our bronze racing horse sculpture also captures the triumphant scene of Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby. People could run their hands over the raised lines on his fur, experiencing the robust muscles of the racing horse’s forelimbs.

Exquisite Clay and Silicone Models:

Initially, our sculptors create a 10-inch-tall clay model, followed by a proportionate 29-inch-tall clay model. Building upon this foundation, our artists meticulously refine the details and appearance of the racing horse. Collaborating with clients, they discuss necessary modifications and preservation of original features. Subsequently, our artists craft a precise replica using an impressive silicone mold. The silicone mold impeccably captures the intricate details of the horse’s muscular contours and fur.

Moreover, these replicated silicone molds have an extended shelf life, ensuring prolonged preservation. If you decide to cast more bronze racing horse sculptures, our artists could continue using this mold, leading to substantial savings compared to the initial clay model expenses. Undoubtedly, our factory caters to diverse preferences, offering various pre-existing clay model styles for clients to choose from, and these clay models are available for use free of charge.

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Rich Casting Expertise:

With decades of experience in bronze horse casting, our factory employs traditional lost-wax casting methods to create diverse forms of racing horse sculptures. You could wholeheartedly trust the skill of our artists and the casting prowess of our factory. Firstly, we utilize silicone sol technology during the casting process, ensuring that the sculpture’s surface remains free from unsightly white spots over an extended period.

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As a result, our sculptures boast a lifespan of up to 100 years. Additionally, our welding process employs high-quality bronze welding rods, enhancing the overall durability of our sculptures. Without a doubt, our racing horse sculptures stand as truly precious collectibles, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also significant investment value.

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Beautiful and Natural Patina:

Our artists employ the delicate patina coloring technique, which involves a chemical reaction between chemicals and bronze under the influence of air oxidation. This method ensures that the colors remain vibrant over an extended period, evolving to a more natural and refined appearance with the passage of time. Certainly, our artists possess exceptional skill in color adjustment, making it possible to meet your preferences for any desired color.

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Whether you have specific styles in mind for bronze racing horse sculptures, we have a diverse range to offer. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.



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