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Custom Bronze Lim Leong Seng Statue-Chinese Processions Wholesale BOK1-365

This is a popular bronze sculpture of Chinese processions which depicts adults and kid celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival. YouFine, who made this set of sculptures, could provide you with a perfect art reproduction of this statue.

Item No: BOK1-365

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Superiority 1: Foundry Supplying Directly Superiority 2: 30 Years Quality Guarantee Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, PayPal

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Lim Leong Seng Statues Detail:

This exquisite set of custom bronze sculptures showcasing Chinese Processions is an original work by Singaporean sculptor Lim Leong Seng. Mr. It would add some fun to the venues with the custom bronze statues placed. Lim likes to incorporate oriental colors in his artwork. So you could see this group of bronze sculptors celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Adults and children with fish lanterns looked happy. Each character is so realistically cast with vivid expressions and details.

Exquisite Clay Model Making:

YouFine’s artists are proficient in clay model-making skills. And then they would make realistic clay models based on the original sculptures. They carefully observed the details of the original drawings and modify them repeatedly. After finishing the clay model, we would send the photos and videos to our client for confirmation. Any details could be modified according to the requirements. Finally, the realistic and exquisite clay model is completed which ensures the quality of the final bronze sculpture.

Bronze Sculpture Customizable:

YouFine is a prominent bronze sculpture manufacturer located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, China. We specialize in custom bronze statues of different colors, sizes, and designs. And we support custom bronze statues based on photos, videos, and drawings. While, our professional design team could help you make 3D drawings, CAD drawings, and more. Below are some lovely and delicate bronze sculptures we have made for your reference.

Why Choose YouFine?

Firstly, YouFine features leading bronze sculpture casting artists. They pay great attention to every detail and insist on improving their casting skills. Secondly, we have been working on hand-craft bronze sculptures with great assurance of detail. We use a combination of traditional lost wax methods and advanced silicone molds. More importantly, we a direct factory with nearly 40 years of export experience. So we could offer you more favorable prices and higher quality.

If you are looking for such an amazing life-size bronze statue, please leave us a message. And we would reply to you as soon as possible.



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