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Bronze Outdoor Military Statues War Memorial for Sale BOKK-911

YouFine factory has many outdoor military statues for sale. Our artists greatly admire the bravery of the military. If you want to cast a famous military sculpture please feel free to contact us.
Item No: BOKK-911
Size: As Your Requirement
Material: Casting Bronze
Tech: Lost Wax Casting
Feature: Easy Maintain
Place Of Origin: Hebei,China
Superiority 1: Free Custom Made
Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit, And 70% Balance Before Shipping

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Details of Outdoor Military Statue:

YouFine factory outdoor military statue is so lifelike. It honors those from neighboring communities. the people died in battle during World War I. The monument, includes a statue of a soldier, a decorative flagpole, and a bronze scroll of honor.

Details of Outdoor Military Statue:

All this is in tribute to their bravery and sacrifice. Then, the monument was commissioned on November 10, 1925. And, it as a gift from the Richmond Hill War Memorial Committee and the Richmond Hill Venus Mothers Association.

Details of Outdoor Military Statue:

The Origin of My Buddy Statue:

My Buddy Statue concept depicts a grieving soldier. And he bowed his head in thought. In addition, his rifle and helmet hanging from his right arm. And, the outdoor military statue is my buddy. Among them, the adjoining flagpole was commissioned in 1926.

outdoor military statues-YouFine Sculpture

Traditional Lost Wax Method:

We cast the bronze outdoor military statue using the traditional lost wax method. We all know that this legacy technology has been around for 5,000 years. There is no doubt that our artists mastered this technique long ago.

Traditional Lost Wax Method:

And, the artists at the YouFine factory innovated this technique of silica sol. This method ensures that the sculpture looks beautiful. In particular, the surface of the sculpture would not appear with white spots after a long time. In this way, YouFine’s bronze army soldier statue has a timeless beauty.

Traditional Lost Wax Method:

Refined Caly Model:

We all know that a beautiful clay model could guarantee the fidelity of a bronze military statue. Especially, our artists learned to carve clay models of military statues in childhood. Therefore, they could 100% sculpt the expression and appearance details of the soldier statue to life. You could clearly see that this outdoor military statue clay model is so real.

Refined Caly Model:
Refined Caly Model:

If you like this bronze military sculpture please feel free to contact us. YouFine’s artists would cast very fine military sculptures for you.



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