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Bronze Military Winged Hussar Statue Kneeling Soldier Art

Don't be fooled by the flashy wings. These shock troops are the most destructive cavalry ever assembled, and the Winged Hussar Statue is made of bronze. let's get a closer look at the Polish cavalry's elite troops!

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As we can see, the kneeling “Winged Light Cavalry” statue shows the Hussar on one knee, holding his sword in both hands, with the sword stabbing straight into the ground. The huge winged armor attachments on their backs, which is the most distinctive feature of the Hussar.

winged hussar statue

Feeling historical hero through sculpture:

Heavily armored cavalrymen have huge feathered wings on their saddles or backs, and this wing is four feet long. This is not just a fashion statement, but also an effective strategy to create as much fear as possible, as fast and as effectively as possible, before the enemy realized what was happening. Today, we can look at this sculpture at close quarters outside the Military Museum in Warsaw and imagine the bravery of the “winged Hussar” of yesteryear.

winged hussar bronze art statue
winged hussar bronze statue

Where is the best place for your hussar sculpture?

As a public sculpture of historical remembrance, this bronze-winged cavalry sculpture is perfect for your city, such as in parks, squares monumental sites, etc. The winged hussars officially came to an end in the 1770s due to political reforms, but throughout World War I and World War II, the winged hussars allowed Poland to hold its territory and country in the face of a hostile enemy on all sides.

lifesize winged hussar statue
bronze winged hussar statue

The sculpture profoundly conveys Poland’s indomitable will to fight and defend its country. Hope this winged hussar statue will also bring new life to your city!



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