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Bronze Giacometti Sculpture Home Garden Decor Factory Supply BOKK-882

Giacometti once said that he suddenly saw himself in the street and called himself a dog. Obviously, Giacometti is knowing himself at the same time he knows the world. If you are interested in Giacometti sculptures, please contact YouFine immediately, we are your best choice.
Item No: BOKK-882
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Material: Casting Bronze
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Package: Strong Wooden Case
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Giacometti Sculptures Description:

Giacometti sculptures, the artistic modeling that faces real life, do not have a sweet, complete, and moisturizing feeling. However, all we feel is broken, twisted, and thin. Obviously, this is the true face of life. According to the popular language of today’s people, liposuction is to cut off the excess. Therefore, large Giacometti sculptures only maintain a structure and a skeleton, which is actually enough.

Giacometti sculpture reproductions for sale

Giacometti’s Creative Ideas:

Giacometti’s life touched his heart. He fell into loneliness and depression. And he often feels lost. Of course, after the war, he hated to talk about military affairs. Therefore, he uses this three-dimensional image of vicissitude to reveal reality and life. And for people living in the post-World War II part of Europe, the tragedy of the war is thrilling. So Giacometti decided on his sentimental artistic style.

Alberto Giacometti sculpture

The Beliefs of Giacometti Sculptures:

First of all, spiritually speaking, Giacometti’s works are thin and rough. This form of expression stems from its concept of connecting people and space. So what he wants to emphasize is the feeling of space. Therefore, he always weakened the body of the Giacometti sculpture, and the shape became surprisingly slender. He observes life calmly and thinks about life from the perspective of a bystander.

walking man sculpture Giacometti

Giacometti’s Artistic Modeling:

There is a Giacometti lifesize figure sculpture named dog. He imagined himself as a stray dog. What is portrayed in “The Walking Man” is the dynamic of a person striding forward. However, this statue has no head and arms. But under this incomplete torso, the viewer could feel the infinite kinetic energy contained in the work. Then it’s like a person walking firmly in the atmosphere.

Giacometti sculptures

The Absolute Advantages of YouFine:

YouFine has been engaged in the casting of bronze sculptures for 39 years. Our artists are proficient in all the key points of bronze famous sculpture casting.

Giacometti sculpture

So YouFine bronze Giacometti sculptures could certainly meet your needs. You could contact our staff immediately for more details. Of course, we would also offer you the biggest discount.



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