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Bronze Full Size Cowboy Horse Statue Outdoors Racecourse Decoration

This is an imposing bronze cowboy statue. Both the horse's leaping posture and the cowboy's state on the horse show the cowboy's brave and fearless spirit. Our talented artists can always cast you the most authentic bronze cowboy sculpture.

Item No: BFI-041

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Keywords1: Bronze Cowboy Statue

Keywords2: Cowboy Statue

Application: Garden, Racecourse, Square, Park

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Our cowboy statue features a bronze sculpture of a cowboy riding a wild horse. The horse’s front hooves fell steadily downward. The cowboy’s hands held the reins tightly, controlling the direction in which the horse ran.

Bronze cowboy statues echo the clear blue sky, and the distance is covered with rolling green hills and cowboy-style buildings. The bronze figure rides an upright horse, wearing a cowboy hat and leather jacket with purple details. The sculpture sits against a backdrop of clear blue sky, retaining all elements of its original appearance. There are nameplates with gold inscriptions on both sides of the base of the tombstone. We could also customize bronze reliefs for you.

Excellent Artist Constantly Studies Cowboys

In order to cast the most realistic bronze cowboy statues, our talented artists always get up close to observe and participate in the intense action of the racetrack. They also analyze and study the structure of the horse’s bones and muscles. Therefore, the cowboy sculptures cast by our artists always represent the most authentic moments of the horse racers.

Many Different Styles of Cowboy Sculptures:

Our factory has been casting bronze horse sculptures for 40 years and has many different styles of clay models of horse sculptures. Of course, we also provide customization, and our excellent designers would draw the clearest drawings according to the customer’s requirements. We are able to turn our clients’ ideas into reality, with intricate bronze cowboy sculptures standing in the gardens of their homes or in a resting area at the racecourse.

YouFine Works With Numerous Racecourse Clients:

We cooperate with many horse farms, and our horse farm customers have chosen many of our bronze horse sculptures of different shapes, and these sculptures are the styles of our existing clay models. Of course, our clay models would be open to you for free. Below are the selections for our Canadian racecourse customers from our Australian customers.

If you want a lifesize bronze cowboy statue please feel free to contact us. We would provide you with the most comprehensive service and the best quality bronze cowboy sculptures that could last for a hundred years.



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