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Bronze Equestrian Theodore Roosevelt Statue President Art Replica

If you are interested in this bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue for sale at the YouFine factory, you must not miss it. Because it was made from high-quality bronze materials and is cast using the traditional lost wax method.

Item No: BOK1-568

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Superiority 3: 30 Years Quality Guarantee

Application: Garden, Zoo, Square, Manor

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

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This bronze equestrian statue of Theodore Roosevelt perfectly captures the president’s demeanor and his great feats of liberating people’s minds and freedom. If you want to cast a bronze commemorative sculpture of a famous president, YouFine will be your best choice. Our custom memorial sculptures are cast from high-quality bronze using the traditional lost wax method. We guarantee that the Bronze Equestrian Theodore Roosevelt Statue you purchase at YouFine is worth your money.


Why did Theodore Roosevelt get a statue?

The statue was commissioned in 1925 to stand on the museum’s steps since Roosevelt’s father was one of its founders and Roosevelt himself was a “devoted naturalist and author of works on natural history.

President Art Replica

Meticulous Workmanship:

The artists of the YouFine factory could highly restore the authenticity of the designer’s original work. From this bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue, we can see that the muscle lines on the horse, the clothes on the figures, and the figure’s eyes and facial expressions are realistic. Every part of this classical bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue has been perfectly restored by the artists so that no one could see any flaws.

Equestrian Art Replica

Quite Natural Color:

YouFine factory has professional coloring artists. All of them graduated from famous art universities in China. They not only master the most advanced coloring techniques but also take every piece of their work seriously and strive to present it perfectly to their customers.

Theodore Roosevelt Statue

Our famous figure statue has a beautiful finish with just the right amount of gloss and toning for sale. Its exterior color does not easily fade, and over time, the exterior color of the bronze statue becomes more natural. As long as the bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue is the exterior color you want, they’ll do a great job.

Quite Natural Color

Accept Private Customization:

YouFine factory has received many customized services from customers. bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue in their customer service comes in different shapes and themes. We encourage our customers to make custom bronze figure statues with us, as our designers are talented enough to create the bronze equestrian Theodore Roosevelt statue that would please you the most.

Accept Private Customization

And our production master is good enough to restore it 100%. Therefore, if you would like to cast a presidential bronze sculpture for your community or park please feel free to contact us.



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