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Majestic Bronze Chinese Feng Shui of General Guan Yu Statue for Sale

This bronze Guan Yu statue shows the image of Guan Yu with a broadsword. Guan Yu with a standing broadsword is also known as the God of Wealth, which can attract people’s wealth, collect wealth, and protect people’s safety.

Item No: BFI-051

Material: Antique Bronze

Color: Customized Color

Technique: Lost Wax Method

Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Guan Yu Statue Introduction

This majestic Guan Yu statue holding a broadsword was cast by YouFine. He was wrapped in military robes, and in his right hand, he had the Qinglong Yanyue Sword with the tip pointing upward. His military robe is covered with reliefs of four-clawed dragons and auspicious clouds. Although his eyes are squinted, the finely detailed carvings still make his expression very vivid. Behind him were several flags. His domineering posture and momentum release majesty in all directions.

bronze guan yu statue--

YouFine’s high quality can be reflected in the exquisite relief details on Guan Yu’s clothes. If you look carefully at the scales on this four-clawed dragon, each one is arranged together in an orderly manner. From a distance, it looks like a real dragon floating on the clothes. The relief of the dragon’s head is more realistic, fully showing the momentum of the dragon’s teeth and claws.

bronze general guan yu statue

bronze general guan yu statue-

Symbolic Meaning of Guan Yu Statue

Guan Yu is famous for his loyalty, righteousness, bravery, and martial arts. In Chinese Buddhism, he is called Jialan Bodhisattva. Nowadays, Guan Yu has become the patron saint of keeping money like the Hermes statue in the West, and guarding against villains in everyone’s homes. Placing a statue of Guan Yu in your home, if worshiped well, can bring peace to your home and attract wealth.

bronze guan yu statue

Attention for Worship The Guan Yu Statue

To worship the statue of Guan Yu, one must have a pious heart to receive Guan Yu’s blessing. It is best to place the Guan Yu statue facing south. When moving the statue, put a piece of red cloth on it, and when it lands on the ground, put the red cloth under the Guan Yu statue. If you want to place the Guan Yu statue in a company, it is best to place it facing the main entrance of the lobby and one-third away from the main entrance. The implication is that in this position, Guan Yu can coordinate and attract wealth from all directions.

general guan yu statue-

After-Sale Services

To protect the safety of the Guan Yu statue during transportation, we will use a strong wooden crate for packaging, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation safety of the statue. Moreover, we offer insurance and we will be responsible for any problems that arise after you receive the statue. Or if you have any questions when placing this Guan Yu statue, you can contact us for more detailed information. Here are some pictures of YouFine’s other Guan Yu statues.


YouFine has nearly forty years of experience in casting bronze statues. If you choose YouFine, you will have high-quality statues in your home. Come to our website and pick your favorite statues.



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