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Elegant Bronze Female Sculpture of A Nude Holding Bath Towel for Sale

This bronze female sculpture is very vividly depicted. It shows off the curves and softness of the female body. The bath towel in her hand half-covers her body, adding to the sense of mystery and arousing people's endless reverie about beauty.

Item No: BFI-049

Material: Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Application: Garden, Square, Collection

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The half-covered style of this bronze female sculpture allows viewers to appreciate part of the female body’s curves and contours while retaining some sense of mystery, triggering people’s exploration of female beauty. Placing it in an art museum or gallery can give the public a vehicle to discover and think about beauty. Collecting it as a collection not only has an artistic decorative effect but also can trigger certain thoughts.

bronze female sculpture

bronze woman sculpture

Details of This Bronze Female Sculpture

The design of this bronze female sculpture turned sideways more intuitively displays the soft curves and contours of the female body. The silk-like bath towel half-covered the nude female’s body, leaving people with endless reveries. The expression on her face was as gentle as water, and her lowered eyes seemed to be covering up her inner shyness. Her head is tilted to one side, and her long seaweed-like hair hangs softly on her shoulders.

bronze female sculpture--jpg

bronze woman sculpture.

Professional and Well-designed Patina

Our patina expert designed the skin color of this bronze female sculpture to be a healthy bronze color, which adds a unique beauty to the entire sculpture. The silky bath towel in her hand is designed in matte golden yellow, which is very textured and blends perfectly with the female’s bronzed body. This fine color combination makes the entire female sculpture glow with a bright light, which is very elegant and gentle.

bronze female sculptures

bronze female sculptures-

We also have many other exquisite bronze figure sculptures, you can see our fine quality through this bronze lady statue. We assure you that each piece is carefully carved by experienced craftsmen, ensuring the high quality and uniqueness of the artwork. Here are some pictures for you.


Why Choose YouFine?

YouFine has more than 40 years of experience in casting bronze figure sculptures. Our bronze figure sculptures are sold to many countries in Europe and our customers also speak highly of our quality and service. On the one hand, YouFine attaches great importance to quality. What we constantly pursue is to provide customers with higher quality sculptures within their expected budget. On the other hand, YouFine is a big family. Our team treats customers like family members. No matter what your demands are, we will try our best to meet them.

YouFine Team Casting Bronze Statue Process

YouFine factory

If you also like our bronze female sculptures, you can visit our website to learn more about our customization services. Whether you are a collector, designer, or art lover, we look forward to sharing these beautiful pieces of art with you.



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