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Life Size Bronze The Exile O Desterrado Statue for Sale

This bronze figure statue is the work of Portuguese sculptor António Soares dos Reis. This work is called The Exile and it depicts a touching image of neoclassical, romantic, and realist resemblances, which is the masterpiece of Portuguese sculpture.

Item No: BFI-054

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Transportation: Shipping

Application: Square; Garden; Collection

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Origin of The Exile Statue

The Exile statue is one of the most important works of 19th-century Portuguese statues, it is inspired by Alexandre Herculano’s exile poem, As Tristezas do exile. The nostalgic emotion that the artwork conveys is transported by the nostalgic posture of the figure sitting on a rock beaten by the sea. Through this work, the artist gives us back the image of a lonely and thoughtful man.

bronze the exile statue

bronze the exile statue.

Precise Control of Details

YouFine’s artists are very meticulous in casting bronze figure statues. Before making The Exile statue, we will make a 1:1 clay model. Our artists will constantly modify the clay model according to the design drawings until the original artwork is completely reproduced. The high quality of our statues is not only reflected in the perfect reproduction of the original artwork but also in the fact that our artists can capture the emotions that the artist wants to convey through the statue and reasonably represent them through the statue.

clay models

The melancholy expression on this man’s face and his clasped hands are like a child who is at a loss after being abandoned. The value conveyed by this statue is the common wish of 19th-century Portuguese people – people’s desire to return home. The transmission of art is universal, and until now, people are also passing on the value of this stature in conveying homesickness.

bronze o desterrado statue

More Bronze Artworks to Choose

YouFine’s artists are not the porters of statues, they are the creators of art. Each of our statues embodies their design and their hard work. You can look at other bronze figure statues on our website to feel that, such as the courage transported by our fearless girl statue. This is one of the most important reasons why YouFine’s statues are sold well at home and abroad and have received wide acclaim. The customized services we provide make every customer pick the statues they are satisfied with.

bronze figure statues-.

If you are looking for exquisite bronze figure statues, you can come to YouFine and customize the unique statue for yourself.



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