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Bronze Giant Female Head Sculpture by Jaume Plensa

This exquisite large bronze female head sculpture is so calm and three-dimensional. YouFine's artists are very good at character casting, and we could always grasp the facial details and expressions.

Item No: BFI-064

Material: Bronze

Size: Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Toll-Free: +86-17897571005

Application: Suburbs, Square, Park, Shopping Mall

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The Details of the Giant Head Statue:

The bronze female head sculpture with tranquil expressions and her eyes closed in meditation, like those often seen on the faces of ancient statuary depicting sacred luminaries such as Athena or the Buddha, saint’s figures seem distanced from the turmoil of the world, convey an energy, a soul, and a spirituality through the large female sculpture.

large female head sculpture

When people walk beside her, they could not see her expression and demeanor at all, but when they look up, it seems that they could see the deepest part of each of us. The giant head statue is often shown in museums and galleries and great outdoor gardens throughout Europe, the US, and Asia. This exquisite artwork is cast by skilled artists with intricate bronze casting techniques.

Head Sculpture
female head bust

Excellent Casting-Bronze Technique:

We make 1:1 clay mold first according to the original sculpture drawing, during this process our masters need to get the approval of the next step to our clients, we would send the pictures of the process, and modify the details repeatedly according to our clients’ needs.

female bust art
bronze female bust art

And we turn mold use plaster mold or silicone mold, in order to perfectly cast the details of the bronze sculpture. More importantly, we have professional hand-welding, polishing, and forging skills, our masters use different tools to modify the sculpture repeatedly until the details are smooth and perfect.

famous female busts
female bust sculpture art

YouFine Head Sculptures Advantages:

Professional Artists:

All of our artists making clay mold have been professionally trained since they were teenagers, so they have rich experience of around 30 years. Each master has specialized in different types of sculptures for a long time. Our professional hand-casting masters and colorists with rich experience, think highly important to every step, and they have extremely high standards of their work.

YouFine bronze sculpture clay model artist
bronze sculpture clay model artist

High-Quality Bronze:

Our bronze female head sculpture with high copper content, and the thickness of our bronze sculpture reaches 8-10mm, compared to others of 3-4mm, our quality would be the best choice and with a competitive price. So you could trust our bronze female head sculpture quality.

Head Sculpture art
Head Sculpture bronze art

Packing and Shipping of Head Sculpture:

All of our sculptures would be packaged using soft foam and standard-thickness wooden crates. We support various shipping methods, including international air, international sea, and door-to-door shipping, and we buy full insurance for our sculpture, so you could receive our sculpture smoothly.

bronze giant head sculptures shipping
Packing and Shipping of bronze Head Sculpture
Packing and Shipping of Head Sculpture
bronze giant head sculptures

Some other bronze giant head sculptures by Jaume Plensa and we could accept customization of these Bronze Giant Female Head Sculptures. Here are some bronze head sculptures we made to share with you. Welcome to customize our giant head sculptures according to your needs.

Oversized Head Sculpture
Large Head Statue

YouFine has specialized in this field for more than 40 years, we have excellent abilities in hand-casting, polishing, forging, and other skills. We use high-quality raw materials, you could trust our quality. So welcome to custom large bronze face Sculptures and female head sculptures from us, we would provide the best service and price for you!


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