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This monumental work of art bronze bear sculpture art is so adorable and was designed and cast by renowned artist Michel Bassompierre. He is one of the most important artists in the field of contemporary animal sculpture.

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The artist’s tenderness, respect, and humility also shine through in this rare and exquisite bronze bear sculpture art. Monumental artworks are designed to remind people of the fragility of the living world by raising awareness of beauty.

bronze bear statue art price

When we place this bronze bear sculpture art in a community playground, the bronze bear sculpture provides artistic entertainment and revitalizes the community. The contemporary art that visitors can enjoy, in addition to being beautiful, raises awareness about the environment and endangered species. Our bronze bear sculptures are designed to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the living world. We must continue to maintain the childlike innocence of casting toys and hold on to childhood dreams until the end of our lives, and even beyond the possibility.

life size bear statue

Michel Bassompierre Characteristics:

Sculptor Michel Bassompierre trained in the studio of Lereux at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rouen, where he learned to observe. True to the tradition and anecdote of François Pompon, he casts bronze bear sculptures focused on the essence. Favoring animals, such as Asian elephants, gorillas, bears, and even horses, his shapes are both soft and precise, with light never clashing with shadow. He is a master of animal expression art and the most talented contemporary animal sculptor. These sculptural pieces go beyond bronze and marble to create bears and gorillas with curves and curves.

These peaceful animals appear to be caught up in the intimacy of life, with rounded features expressed in bronze according to traditional sculptural norms. The artist has created a powerful bear sculpture that displays extraordinary painting skills, a perfect understanding of volume, and a poetic treatment of light that leaves the viewer irresistibly wanting to pet it.

Ready-Made Clay Model:

This adorable bronze bear sculpture has been cast in our factory and our artists fabricated a clay model of the same proportions. In the process of manufacturing the clay model, we modified the structure of the bear and the curvature of the bear’s body based on the original work.

bronze bear statue clay model

We ensure that it is very similar to the original work. In constant revisions and exchanges, our clients and artists resonated and together witnessed the birth of an exquisite bear sculpture. There is no doubt that our clay model of a large bear statue is available for you to use for free.

large bear statue clay model
lifesize bronze bear statue art

If you would like this bronze modern bear sculpture please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with different sizes of bear sculptures and satisfactory service.



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