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Life Size Bronze Sitting Scioto Lounge Deer Statue Foundry Price

Scioto Lounge features Allen's humanoid sitting deer statue and is situated on the steps leading down to the river. This life-size artwork is cast entirely in bronze, making it a striking and durable addition to its environment.

Item No: BOK1-581

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Superiority 3: 30 Years Quality Guarantee

Application: Garden, Zoo, Square, Manor

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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A sitting deer statue by Terry Allen sits on the steps leading down to the river, overlooking the Scioto River and the Columbus skyline. Allen was inspired by the origin of the Scioto River name. The Scioto River got its name from the Wyandot name for deer, and skunk. Allen believed that deer should wander around Scioto Mile just like humans do. The humanoid deer sculpture is called the Scioto Lounge, Allen said they should appeal to people who are biking by or walking along the river.

Scioto Lounge
Scioto Lounge sculpture

Let’s Enjoy the Sculpture Up Close:

The sitting dear sculpture is made of high-quality bronze casting, is a masterpiece of sculpture, and is also a manifestation of human creativity! Allen thought the deer should wander around the Scioto Mile just like humans do. So he used models of deer made by taxidermists but also added joints to the arms and legs to make them look more like deer. In another way, the changes also make the bronze sculpture look more human-like and relatable. This special deer sculpture should make a beautiful addition to your garden or city!

Bronze sitting deer statue

YouFine Art Sculpture Skilled Artists:

At YouFine Art Sculpture, we take pride in our dedication to crafting the finest bronze sculptures, including the magnificent Bronze Sitting Scioto Lounge Deer Statue. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction sets us apart in the world of sculpture.

Bronze deer statue

Our skilled artists have honed their craft over decades, ensuring the creation of sculptures that are not just artistic representations but also deeply evocative and emotionally resonant. The Bronze Sitting Scioto Lounge Deer Statue is a testament to their exceptional artistry.

Bronze Scioto Lounge

Superior Quality Materials:

We insist on using only the finest materials. Our bronze sculptures are constructed using the time-tested “lost wax” casting method, ensuring durability and longevity. You could be assured that the Bronze Sitting Scioto Lounge Deer Statue is a long-lasting investment in art.

lifesize sitting deer statue

Offer More Customization

We offer the flexibility of customization. You could have a sculpture designed to your unique specifications. Whether it’s size, material, or specific detailing, we could bring your vision to life. Our original clay model for the deer sculpture could be adapted, saving you significant design costs.

deer statue
outdoor bronze statues for sale

With our passion for art, commitment to quality, and dedication to our clients, YouFine Art Sculpture is your ideal partner in bringing the exquisite Bronze Sitting Scioto Lounge Deer Statue and other remarkable sculptures to life. Contact us today to embark on a journey of artistic excellence.



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