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Bronze Self-Made Man Statue Bobbie Carlyle Art for Sale BOK1-294

This exquisite self-made man statue would be the centerpiece of the park. We could see that the figure depicted in this bronze sculpture is very old. If you like this bronze self-made man statue please feel free to contact us. YouFine artists would cast a real self-made man statue replica for you.
Item No: BOK1-294
Size: Customized Size You Want
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Superiority 1: Foundry Supplying Directly
Superiority 2: 30 Years Quality Guarantee
Superiority 3: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram
Design: By Our Team(Customer Design Is Acceptable)

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Details of Self-made Man Statue:

This exquisite bronze self-made man statue vividly depicts the struggle of the characters. In the bronze man chiseling himself, both women and men stand out from the crowd. They are determined and dedicated to self-sculpting the lower body with hammers and chisels. And, they tried to carve out the lower body from the chaotic stone.

Details of Self-made Man Statue:

Today, human beings are still seeking the liberation of hands, feet, and minds. Homemade man-made sculptures mean the liberation of the human mind and hands. But the legs are not carved out, which means there are still some parts that are not freed. Therefore, human beings also need to constantly improve themselves.

Details of Self-made Man Statue:

What is the Meaning of a Self-made Man Statue?

The sculpture depicts a muscular man wielding a hammer and chisel carving a large stone. And, that big rock is his body. You might be surprised by the behavior of the person in the sculpture. About bronze self-made figures. It’s called “self-made people”. We could guess that a man carved himself out of stone. He is not only sculpting his own character, but also his own future.

What is the Meaning of a Self-made Man Statue?

Just like this bronze self-made man statue, our bodies age gradually over time. However, the spirit of staying is more and more admirable. When we first saw this sculpture, we might think the man must be in pain. We saw him gouge his body bit by bit with a hammer, so we thought it would hurt.

But he also has an expression full of perseverance and courage, without pain. It’s just that we take our own inner drama and impose this pain on this sculpture. Constantly sculpting oneself represents the liberation of humanity from something. For example, a person is freed from the shackles of the flesh from the worldly body.

Bobbie Carlyle Artist:

Bobbie Carlyle created the self-made man statue. This bronze sculpture has become one of Bobbie Carlyle’s most successful works. These bold and provocative bronze sculptures are imaginative and dynamic. Bobbie Carlyle creates some of the most striking symbolic works in art today. Her work allows viewers to explore multiple layers of meaning from their own perspectives. Like the Bobbie Carlyle sculpture, it makes us reflect on something about ourselves.

Bobbie Carlyle Artist:

Positions that Could be Decorated:

The self-made artificial sculptures for sale could be said to have reference value for every sculptor. Just like we do sculpture when we do sculpture, the artist is also sculpting himself. Therefore, they create different sculptural images. Like a sculptor sculpting his own image.

Bobbie Carlyle Artist:

There is no doubt that the homemade faux sculptures for sale could be used in schools, large buildings, squares, parks, etc. These famous bronze custom sculptures are of historic collectible value. And high-quality bronze sculptures could decorate any public place for a long time.

Bobbie Carlyle sculptures-YouFine Sculpture

This self-made man statue is perfect for squares or schools. Not only does it allow people to stop and think in the middle of a busy day, but it also inspires students to learn about the tough qualities of men. This is indeed an amazing piece of work, if you want to cast an exquisite self-made man statue contact us.



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