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Bronze Elephant Fountain Outdoor in Water for Sale BOK1-177

This bronze elephant pool fountain is perfect for park garden decoration. Elephants walk with their trunks held up, which is a very nice pool decoration. We could customize any style and size of outdoor elephant fountains to your needs. Of course, you could send us your own designs. If you like this sculpture, please contact us immediately.

Item No: BOK1-177

Material: Casting Bronze

Size: Customize Size You Want

Place of Origin: Hebei,China

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Superiority 1: Foundry Supplying Directly

Superiority 2: 30 Years Quality Guarantee

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This elephant fountain outdoor is cast in high-quality bronze. You could clearly see that the huge body of this elephant is very realistic. His nose was raised high, and water jets would spray out of his nose. Also, the ears of the elephant sculpture are so real. The overall structure of our pool fountain statues is perfect. This is a large fountain sculpture decoration that you could not miss.

Description of Elephant Pool Fountain:

These fun and cute bronze elephant sculptures would serve as a great addition to your outdoor decoration. We could see a group of elephant families playing in the pool in many public parks. Whenever people see these scenes, they always feel very happy, which brings more fun to our lives and allows us to have a good time with our families.

Characteristics of Elephants:

First, elephants are the largest land creatures. They are one of the most docile animals. In daily life, we often see elephants lift people up, and then carry people on their backs to get along with people. Our outdoor elephant fountain sculpture is very interesting. At the edge of the pool, the elephant stretched out its trunk and spewed water continuously. This huge animal has a cute image. When we see this scene, it makes people feel happy. Of course, this elephant fountain also brings more joy to people.

YouFine professional Casting Technique:

Our outdoor elephant animal fountain sculpture is very interesting. First of all, YouFine Bronze Elephant Fountain Sculpture is made of high-quality bronze material. And we use the traditional lost wax casting method. YouFine Elephant Sculptures not only look vivid but also allow our sculptures to be in contact with water for a long time. Moreover, the appearance of these bronze elephant sculptures would not corrode.

YouFine professional Casting Technique:

YouFine artists have extensive experience in sculpture casting. So they could restore the artistic style of the sculpture to a high degree, and we pay great attention to the exquisite details. Furthermore, we pay attention to the materials in the sculpture making. We use high-quality materials to make our sculptures not only look great but also stand the test of their inner qualities.

YouFine Foundry Bronze Elephant Fountains:

Our factory has cast different types of bronze elephant fountains for many customers. Many customers choose to place these bronze elephant sculptures in outdoor venues. The following is the bronze elephant we have cast for our customers. Before sending it to the customer, we will test the water in the factory to ensure that the water flow can meet the customer’s needs.

If you are looking for high-quality elephant fountain sculptures or all kinds of bronze animal sculptures, please contact us immediately. YouFine has an excellent team to provide you with excellent service.



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