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Life-Size Bronze Mermaid Statue for Garden Decor on Discount BOKK-706

You Fine Art Sculpture is focusing on making different bronze sculptures for 30 years. Our factory is located in the hometown of sculpture Quyang country, China. So we have many superior bronze casting masters could provide with you the high-quality life-size bronze mermaid statue.
Item No: BOKK-706
Size: Customized Size You Want
Material: Casting Bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
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Mermaid Statue Detail:

This exquisite life-size bronze mermaid statue is life-size and brings the mermaid’s features to life with great delicacy. It finally shows us what a perfect sculpture it is, that it can catch anyone’s eye. This is a great piece for a sculpture collection whether it is placed outdoors on the beach, in parks, or in your home garden.

Life Size Brozne Mermaid Statue for Garden Decor on Discount

What Kind of Mermaids are There in the World?

When it comes to the word “mermaid”, everyone is not unfamiliar. Among them, the most famous is the Little Mermaid in Andersen’s fairy tale, who is willing to sacrifice her tail and even her life for love. There are also the inhabitants of the sea in the thousand and one nights. In addition, in Anglo-Saxon mythology, mermaids could reach lengths of up to 610 meters. And, of course, a giant mermaid that alerts sailors of impending bad weather.

In modern times, the image of mermaids has appeared in European, African, and Asian myths. Their appearance is similar. Most of them, their upper body is a girl with a good face, a graceful figure, and long hair. In addition, below their waist is a fishtail with scales and a caudal fin.

What Kind of Mermaids are There in the World?

The Origin of the Legend of the Mermaid:

Legends about mermaids could be traced back to the ancient Assyrian kingdom. After accidentally killing her lover, the goddess Artagatis jumped into the water out of remorse and turned into a fish. Of course, the fairy tale is about a mermaid who is half-human and half-fish.

The Origin of the Legend of the Mermaid:

It doesn’t exist in reality. However, the legend of the mermaid is not entirely made up and imagined. There is such an amazing class of aquatic mammals. In an age when technology is not yet developed enough, and human beings could not correctly understand the natural world, manatee animals are the source of the myth of “mermaid”.

The Origin of the Legend of the Mermaid:

What Does the Little Mermaid Statue Symbolize?

There is a famous statue in the port of Copenhagen in honor of the mermaid. The mermaid gave up everything for the hopeless love of the prince. There are many sad love stories in the world. Danish sculptor Eduard Eriksen also created mermaid statues to express his twists and turns and sad love.

More Design of Bronze Figure Statues:

We have made many bronze mermaid statue designs for our customers, so our bronze craftsmen have rich experience in making this series of bronze sculptures. And we make sure to provide you with the highest quality sculptures. Of course, besides the mermaid sculpture, we could also make other bronze sculptures. Such as the famous bronze sculptures, all kinds of bronze animal sculptures, military sculptures, and so on.

Why Choose YouFine Bronze Foundry?

We hope that your shopping experience on our website is as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, we provide free online consultation services throughout the day. If our staff does not respond to your news in time, you could leave a message on our website. Our staff would send you an email when they see it quickly. So if you see any beautiful bronze outdoor mermaid statue you like, please don’t hesitate and doubt the quality of our products. All our sculptures are handmade by experienced sculptors.

Life-Size Bronze Mermaid Statue Detail:

Our life-size bronze mermaid statue uses the traditional and classic lost wax method. This ensures that all the details of the sculpture are cast with great care. At the same time, we also have professional clay model masters and bronze masters. Ultimately both the mermaid’s hair and the scales on each piece of the body are beautifully carved. Finally, with the copper-green finish, the sculpture is more realistic and realistic.

bronze mermaid statue

YouFine Bronze Foundry is always available to provide you with detailed product information and all messages will be returned to you within 12 hours. All sculpture prices are subject to fluctuations in the market, so please contact us as soon as possible for the latest quotes and offers.

Packing usually use Plastic from inside,and wooden outside.we also accept customized packing.

We will buy full insurance to make sure the sculpture smoothly arrive at your location.



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