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Western Bronze Thomas Lerooy Big Head Little Body Sculpture Replica for Sale

If you value inner growth and physical well-being, consider adding one of our exquisite bronze big-head sculpture little body sculptures to your garden.

Item No: BOK1-527

Dimensions: 5.5 feet or Custom Size

Big Head Statue

Thomas Lerooy Art

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This captivating sculpture, standing at an impressive 5 feet and weighing approximately 150 kilograms, can be customized to your preferred size based on your images.

bronze thomas lerooy sculpture

Thomas Lerooy Sculpture Detail:

The Thomas Lerooy big head little body sculpture maintains a humanoid form, resembling a human figure. The exaggerated head and smaller body are both intricately detailed, conveying a sense of realism despite the distortion. The large head is often adorned with detailed facial features. These features can include eyes, a nose, a mouth, and sometimes even hair, adding to the overall surreal and thought-provoking quality of the piece.


Thomas Lerooy is a contemporary Belgian artist known for his intriguing and often surreal sculptures. “Big Head, Little Body” is one of his notable works, it features a disproportionate figure with a disproportionately large head compared to the body. Lerooy’s sculptures often challenge traditional notions of proportion and beauty, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of identity and perception. His work is celebrated for its unique and thought-provoking approach to figurative sculpture.


Design Concept and Advantages:

The meaning behind the “Big Head, Small Body” sculpture might not be immediately evident. To us, it represents an abstract concept – the idea that while our minds must progress, we must not neglect our physical well-being. Our bodies are the capital of any revolution, and without a healthy, perfect, and fit body, deep contemplation becomes futile.

YouFine Design Concept and Advantages

This is precisely where art comes in. We can transform your ideas into sculptures. If you can sketch a basic sculpture, our artists can bring it to life. Sculpting is about realizing your purpose and immortalizing the soul into a sculpture, and that’s our service and responsibility.

thomas lerooy sculpture

More Applications

Our “Big Head, Little Body” statue finds its place in various settings such as outdoor spaces, entrances, lobbies, home bars, staircases, garages, gyms, villa entrances, interiors, gardens, central parks, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, apartments, shops, football fields, and basketball courts.

Western Bronze Thomas Lerooy Big Head Statue

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bronze face statue

Choosing us means you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, eliminating middlemen markups. This is a distinct advantage you won’t want to miss.

YouFine factory

With nearly 40 years of sculpting experience, we can create a wide range of sculptures to suit your needs. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, for your garden or other spaces, we can craft animal statues, figurines, religious sculptures, bronze bells, large fountains, angel statues, and much more.

Henry Moore statue

If you’re considering sculptures for your garden, YouFine is your best choice. Contact us today for more catalogs and price lists.



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