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Stations of the Cross V: Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross Bronze Statue

This set of bronze sculptures of Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross very realistically shows the suffering of Jesus. After Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross, he also understood the power of faith. Our factory can completely reproduce this bronze religious sculpture for you.

Item No: BCH-007-5

Size: Full size - About 7' tall

Technique: Lost-Wax Casting Process

Packing: Wooden Cases/ Iron Boxes

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door To Door Delivery

Service: Customize Acceptably

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Stations V: Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross

This poignant bronze sculpture portrays Simon of Cyrene compelled to assist Jesus in carrying His Cross along the agonizing path to Calvary. The scene captures a moment of unexpected compassion and involvement, illustrating Simon’s forced participation in sharing Jesus’s burden.

5-3 Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross

The Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross sculpture symbolizes the universal call to bear one another’s burdens and the unexpected ways individuals are drawn into the redemptive journey of Christ. It invites reflection on the profound significance of empathy and the shared experience of carrying each other’s crosses in life’s challenging moments.

5-5 Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross
5-6 Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross

Profound Insights into Our Own Lives

Despite Simon’s initial reluctance, his encounter with Jesus became a moment filled with compassion and spiritual significance. By helping Jesus carry the cross, Simon not only shared his physical burden but also showed empathy and solidarity with those who suffer. This act reflected core Catholic values of love, mercy, and service.

5-7 Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross

During their journey together, Simon likely felt a range of emotions—from confusion to empathy to awe. He witnessed the crowds mocking Jesus and saw firsthand Jesus’s deep love and forgiveness in his suffering. Simon’s role in the passion narrative reminds us that we may encounter God in unexpected ways in our lives, often through acts of compassion and service to others.

5 Simon of Cyrene Helps Bear the Cross

In Catholic tradition, Simon’s act of helping Jesus carry the cross is seen as a call to discipleship, emphasizing the importance of bearing one another’s burdens and showing sacrificial love. If you want this bronze religious Stations of the Cross Sculpture, please feel free to contact us. Our devout Catholic artists will cast a sacred crucifixion sculpture group.



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