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Stations of the Cross IV: Jesus Meets His Mother Bronze Statue

The bronze sculpture of Jesus meeting his mother has profound symbolic and artistic significance, deeply rooted in religious symbolism and artistic expression. This bronze religious sculpture is intricately crafted and rich in detail, evoking an emotional resonance between parents and children.

Item No: BCH-007-4

Size: Full size - About 7' tall

Technique: Lost-Wax Casting Process

Packing: Wooden Cases/ Iron Boxes

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door To Door Delivery

Service: Customize Acceptable

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Stations IV: Jesus Meets His Mother

In this poignant bronze sculpture, Mary, the mother of Jesus, meets her beloved Son as He is driven through the streets carrying the heavy burden of the Cross, surrounded by brutal executioners. The Jesus Meets His Mother bronze statue vividly captures the profound and sorrowful encounter between Mother and Son amidst the chaotic scene of Jesus’s journey to Calvary. This sculpture beautifully portrays the deep emotional and spiritual bond between Mary and Jesus, illustrating the anguish of a mother witnessing her son’s suffering and impending sacrifice.

4-1 Jesus Meets His Mother bronze statue

Profound Insights into Our Own Lives

When Jesus stumbled under the weight of the cross, he encountered Mary along the way. Their eyes met, and despite the agony etched on his face, they silently exchanged love and understanding. Mary witnessed the torment her beloved son endured, overwhelmed with sympathy and sorrow. She longed to comfort him, to alleviate his pain, but she knew this was the path he must walk.

4 Jesus Meets His Mother bronze statue

In this station, you witness the human side of Jesus and Mary’s relationship. Mary, as a mother, keenly felt her child’s suffering. She could not shield him from the world’s cruelty, yet she steadfastly stood by him, accompanying him in his darkest hour. In turn, Jesus drew strength from his mother’s presence, finding solace in her unwavering love amidst the brutality surrounding him.

4-2 Jesus Meets His Mother bronze statue
4-3 Jesus Meets His Mother bronze statue

As Jesus and Mary share this fleeting moment on the road to Calvary, their bond transcends the agony of the crucifixion, embodying enduring strength of love and resilience in the face of adversity. If you are planning to cast a series of bronze stations of the cross sculpture for churches and monasteries please feel free to contact us. Our bronze Jesus sculpture would definitely make everyone feel the absolute power of faith.



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