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Stations of the Cross II: Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross Bronze Statue

The bronze Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross sculpture captures the poignant moment as Jesus, with bruised shoulders and resolute determination, takes up the cross. We offer a series of custom Stations of the Cross sculptures.

Item No: BCH-007-2

Size: Full size - About 7' tall

Technique: Lost-Wax Casting Process

Packing: Wooden Cases/ Iron Boxes

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door To Door Delivery

Service: Customize Acceptable

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This Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross artwork conveys both the physical and spiritual significance of this act, symbolizing Jesus’s acceptance of His redemptive mission and the path of suffering He willingly undertakes for humanity’s salvation. Through this powerful image, we are invited to contemplate the depth of Jesus’s sacrifice and His unwavering love and devotion to fulfill His divine purpose.

2-Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross bronze statue

Stations II: Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross

Jesus, in a profound gesture of love and acceptance, tenderly embraced his cross. He kissed it with compassion, acknowledging the weight of its purpose. With wounded shoulders, Jesus lifted the burden onto himself and began to carry it. The weight of the cross symbolized not only physical suffering but also the immense spiritual and emotional weight of humanity’s redemption. As Jesus bore the cross, he exemplified unwavering dedication and selflessness, showing us the path of sacrificial love and divine purpose.

2-STATION Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross bronze statue

Inspiration to People’s Lives:

As a child, I sometimes dislike facing problems that come my way. I might try to avoid them or expect others to solve them for me. Sometimes, even the smallest tasks to help others can make me upset and irritable. As an adult, there are moments when I feel unappreciated or burdened with more responsibility than I should bear. I might indulge in self-pity, forgetting that others carry crosses much heavier than mine. In these moments, I fail to reach out and help others.

Full size bronze stations of the cross

Jesus, when you accepted your cross, you understood that you would carry it all the way to Calvary where you would face death. Despite knowing it would be difficult, you willingly embraced and carried it. My Jesus, who willingly carried the heaviest cross due to my sins, helped me to feel the weight of my sins and to mourn them throughout my life.

Stations of the Cross Solid Bronze

If you are considering casting a series of bronze Stations of the Cross sculptures for churches and monasteries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also customize various religious sculptures and statues according to your designs or requirements. We provide comprehensive support from project design to final installation.

outdoor stations of the cross statues

Trust in the unwavering quality of YouFine; our bronze Stations of the Cross Sculptures will undoubtedly inspire absolute faith and devotion in everyone who encounters them.



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