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Outdoor Bronze Lion Statues Scenic Area Art Decor for Sale BOKK-680

People have always been in awe of the lion. Especially people have loved the lion as a beast to protect peace from ancient times to the present. YouFine bronze lion statues vividly embody the mighty power of a lion. You could contact us for more details.

Item No: BOKK-680

Size: Large Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Service: Customize Acceptably

Technique: Lost Wax Process

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Description of Bronze Lion Statues:

YouFine bronze lion statues are cast in bronze of the highest quality. Moreover, our artist has cast the hair of the lion’s head to life. The shape of the lion is full of power. In particular, the lion is full of muscles and could be described as the overlord of long-term hunting on the grassland.

bronze lion statue

Why do People Like Lion Sculptures?

People love bronze lion statues because of their strong physique and supremacy. The lion is the king of beasts and has the right to rule the entire grassland. Then our human beings once thought that they were the masters of the world, so they were full of desire for rights. Many heroes often compare themselves to lions. They have strong physiques and high social status. Today people often regard the lion as the guardian of the house.

lion statue for sale

What are the Types of Lion Sculptures?

There are many different kinds of lion sculptures, and many people like to portray real lions as exquisite works of art. Therefore, we often see the lion squatting on the gate, the lion running on the grassland, the lion dozing with closed eyes, and the lion lying on the ground resting. Of course, there are still many people who make the imaginary lion cute as their favorite sculptures, such as some festive and lucky hydrangea lions.

bronze lion statue for sale

Where is the Lion Sculpture?

When we rest in the square, we often see lions in various forms, such as those with wings. Of course, the most common lions are often used to protect the door of the house. Then in the zoo, we would see a female lion with a group of young lion cubs. It could be seen that people love bronze lion statues so much.

Lion Statues

Significant Advantages of YouFine:

YouFine has the most professional staff and artists. The artists learned the technique of casting bronze lion statues from an early age and were able to completely restore the animal shapes. YouFine’s staff are deeply rooted in the sculpture industry and understand the needs of all customers.

Outdoor Bronze Lion Statues

Therefore, YouFine service is definitely the best in the industry, you could contact us immediately for more price details.



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