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Lynn Chadwick Statue Replica Custom Design for Sale BOKK-971

The sculptures in this series are actually composed of assembled lines. Whether it's a triangular face or a scalloped cloak. As a representation of abstraction, this group of sculptures is perfect and successful. If you are interested in the bronze sculpture, please feel free to contact us.

Item No: BOKK-971
Material: Bronze
Usage: Interior Decoration; Garden, Park Decoration; Villa; Scenic Decoration; City Square; Religious Holy Place, Etc.
Period Time : 10-45 Days (Except For Large Projects)

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Figure sculpture display:

The sculptures in this series are actually compose of assembled lines. Whether it’s a triangular face or a scalloped cloak. As a representation of abstraction, this group of sculptures is perfect and successful. YouFine takes 33 steps to achieve the perfection of the bronze sculptures. Each step is supervised to ensure no mistakes are made. Even online, our customers can shop with confidence. Our life-size bronze sculptures are cast using the lost wax method. This is the oldest and most traditional sculpting process.




Lynn Chadwick Statue:

Chadwick was one of the most important British sculptors who, along with Reg Butler, Eduardo Paolozzi, and William Turnbull, belong to a group of artists describe by art theorist Sir Herbert Read as important in the school of “the geometry of fear.” Chadwick exhibit at the Venice Biennale in 1952, along with several other sculptors. After the exhibition, Read use the term for the first time to describe the aesthetic create by this group. Chadwick’s skills as a welder led him to develop a unique style and method of making works that involved fixing a metal skin over the skeleton of a steel rod. This technique allowed Chadwick to give his figurative works great vitality. The artist often depicts human and animal figures.



Lynn Chadwick Statue Production Method:

There is a reason why the traditional process has been preserve to this day. It preserves the original image of the sculpture to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, our sculptures must be of the highest quality. At each step of the process, we send a video or pictures to our customers. A good product stands up to inspection and testing.



Lynn Chadwick Statue


More bronze statue designs:

Superior Bronze Foundry is one of the leading factories and exporters of cast bronze sculptures. With our rich experience, we always deliver superior quality to all our clients. We are experience in making bronze statues of people and can produce different kinds of sculptures, such as classical bronze statues, modern bronze statues, celebrity bronze statues, abstract bronze statues and so on. If you need customization, you can also send us a photo and we can do the restoration.



Lynn Chadwick Statue


Please feel free to contact us for the price and information of the sculpture you need. As well as all information will reply to you at the first time.



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