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Life-size Legendary Super Broly Statue Action Figure Wholesale FOKK-004

We take a photo and 3D design it to produce a life-size Broly statue. From a full body statue to a large Broly resin statue. Your statue could be any size to fit your budget, so contact us today for a free quote.
Item No.: FOKK-004

Size: Life size or Customized

Available Material: Fiberglass/ Resin

Wall Thickness: 5-10 mm

Price: Please Contact YouFine Factory

Package: Strong Wooden Crates

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door To Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.

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Broly Statue Details:

The Broly statue has strong muscles and brightly colored clothes. Our artists could completely restore the appearance of this sculpture and the most perfect body proportions for you. Of course, our artists make many different styles of animated character sculptures.

life size broly statue-YouFine Sculpture

These colorful animal figure sculptures would bring more fun to people. YouFine has a completely dust-free coloring workshop, so our Broly statue color is more in line with the original look. Moreover, our sculptures have a high degree of reduction.

dragon ball super broly sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Make the Same Scale Model:

Each of our fiberglass sculptures would be made of an identical model. For fine sculptures, our artists would make clay models. And, in order to restore the original work, our artists could make modifications and adjustments to the clay model. Second, for large sculptures, we could also print 3D foam models. Therefore, no matter what style of fiberglass sculpture, YouFine could meet your requirements.

dragon ball super broly statue-YouFine Sculpture

Broly’s Features:

Broly’s hairstyle is very unique, in the shape of green grass. Additionally, there is an x ​​on his left cheek and a scar on his left bicep. The X-shaped scar runs on his left chest all the way to his left shoulder. Also, there are two smaller scars in the upper left corner of his abdomen, which are his most distinctive features.

broly sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

Also, his standard facial expression is harsher than the other. However, he appears melancholy when he is not insane. Of course, by in-depth research, our artists could make all the characteristics of the Broly statue.

dragon ball z broly statue-YouFine Sculpture

Who is Broly:

Broly is a powerful Saiyan mutant and son of Paragus. He is the newest Super Saiyan in Universe Seven lore. As his power level is said to surpass that of Prince Vegeta, he is trapped on the planet Wampa by King Vegeta.

broly statue-YouFine Sculpture

There he was raised by his father until he was rescued 41 years later by Chilai and Lemo of Frieza’s forces. Additionally, in video games and other media, he is often referred to as Broly: BR to distinguish him from his Dragon Ball Z movie counterpart.

dragon ball broly statue-YouFine Sculpture

At YouFine, we produce the finest selection of fiberglass statues at the most affordable prices. Our custom statues could be designed of any shape or size including custom life-size statues. YouFine fiberglass sculpture could be delivered worldwide.



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