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Life-size Custom Al Capone fiberglass Statue Manufacturer FOKK-012

This is a custom-made seated statue of Al Capone, wearing the iconic black suit, hat, and leather shoes. The sculpture is made of fiberglass and if you are interested, YouFine could offer you the best price.

Item No.: FOKK-012

Material: Fiberglass/resin

Size: Life size or Customized

Service: Door to Door delivery

Price: Please Contact YouFine Factory

Package: Strong Wooden Crates

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door To Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc

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Introduction of Al Capone Statue:

This realistic life-size Al Capone statue is a custom fiberglass sculpture based on one of the most notorious Americould celebrity gangsters. Unlike other criminal figures, Al Capone was eager to attract media and public attention so he regularly donated to charities. As a result, he become one of the most visible figures in the United States until he was caught. This custom fiberglass sculpture of Al Capone is made in his most iconic image. The sculpture of Al Capone wearing a suit with a hat was very popular.

How is Al Capone Statue Made?

YouFine’s talented team of artists handcrafted this Al Capone statue. And they would first make a clay film with details. Our artists would make the clay model strictly according to the most accurate image of the figure. For example, the figure’s demeanor and costume would consume a lot of energy. The most impressive feature of our Al Capone sculpture is the cigar in his hand, his neatly tailored suit, and his distinguished sitting posture. After completing the detailed model, the casting of the fiberglass statue will start. Then, our skilled artists would pour the resin material evenly. After curing, the sculpture is stripped and trimmed, and the final sculpture would be imposing in its detail.

Customized Services Supported:

We could also custom life-size statues based on other designs by Al Capone. For example, someone customized a bouncer made in his image. They placed it in front of their store to draw attention to themselves. In addition, our team of experienced designers could help you with any custom sculpture needs. We could assist you in realizing your idea for a sculpture design. From a simple idea to making a specific sculpture would come easily. What’s more, we support both single-piece customization and bulk customization.

Advantages of YouFine Professional Foundry:

  1. YouFine is a source factory that could offer you a better price.
  2. The custom fiberglass sculpture we made is realistic and durable. Therefore, it could last for decades in the future.
  3. Developing a fiberglass statue is often a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. However, don’t worry about it because YouFine’s professional teams could help you.
  4. Professional packages and experienced shipping could guarantee the safety of your sculpture.

YouFine could try our best to offer you a high-quality sculpture as you give us the chance. Contact us immediately to get more information.



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