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Life-size Bronze Jumping Horse Sculpture Outdoor Decor Supplier BOKK-235

The jumping horse sculpture is a popular style among animal sculpture artworks. Many people buy it as decoration for their garden or courtyard. If you like it, you could order one from us.

Item No: BOKK-235

Size: Life Size

Type: Animal Sculpture

Material: Bronze

Service: Customized Service

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Case

Applications: Park, Square, Lawn, etc

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Horse Statue Introduction:

The bronze jumping horse sculpture is cast by our top masters in our factory. Every detail of this bronze horse statue is realistic, including its strong body and flowing mane. Our jumping horse statue is full of design, with the full weight of the horse’s body concentrated on its two hind limbs, and many of our customers have expressed their amazement at the skill with which we made it. Bronze is a great material for jumping horse sculpture and is always a popular metal. We use high-quality bronze, and with proper care, it could be preserved for a long time and could even become a great collection.

Horse Statue Introduction:

Lost-wax Process:

Our factory always uses the traditional cast technique. This most primitive lost-wax process is known as solid lost-wax casting; simply achieved by making a model in wax, creating a mold around it, melting out the wax, and pouring in the bronze. It is extremely difficult to make large pieces of bronze horse sculpture using this forming technique. But this method could restore the maximum details of the metal sculpture. And our bronze casting artists in our factory are proficient in this casting process. So we could cast the exquisite and vivid bronze jumping horse sculpture.

Lost-wax Process:

Professional Color Processing:

Our top masters specialize in their coloring techniques, and each of them has extensive experience in their field of expertise. For example, we could use high polish to restore the original color of copper, so that the color of the sculpture is very natural. There is also a chemical treatment coloring method, this method could keep the color lasting and not easy to fade. In addition, there are many other methods for customers to choose from, such as spray painting and color painting. In short, our factory aims to produce the most perfect bronze horse sculptures for our customers.

Lost-wax Process:

More Choices for Horse Statue:

Our factory has nearly 40 years of experience in casting bronze sculptures. We have made and exported countless bronze sculptures all over the world, including this life-size bronze horse sculpture. And we have a wide variety of products to offer our customers a wide range of choices. In addition to this bronze jumping horse statue, we also have standing horse sculptures, black horse sculptures, racing horse sculptures, and more. We could make all kinds of beautiful sculptures according to customers’ needs.

We are a direct factory so we could give you a preferential price. Welcome you to order this high-quality bronze horse sculpture, I believe our sculpture would not let you down!



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