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Life-size Bronze Deer Statue Outdoor Garden Decor BOK1-029

YouFine deer bronze statues would be your best choice for outdoor gardens, lawns, or zoo decorations. YouFine artists devote all of their hearts to deer artwork, at every step you could feel it.

Item No: BOK1-029

Material: Bronze

About Us: 40 Years Factory

Technique: Lost Wax Process

Service: Customize Acceptably

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

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This is a sculpture of a mother and baby deer, with the baby deer bowing down to eat grass while the mother deer gazes into the distance. Overall, the details of the deer are exquisitely crafted. The baby deer has short, soft fur, while the mother deer’s muscles are well-defined. Her ears are raised high, giving off a very lively and spirited appearance.

life size deer statueslife size outdoor deer statues

Deer Statue Details:

This group of exquisite life-size bronze doe and fawn statues is the latest bronze deer statue design in our factory. This is customized for a customer in the United States. Our client likes deer very much, so he wants to place a group of beautiful deer statues in his manor garden.

Bronze Deer-YouFine Sculpture

bronze deer statue

After our professional sales staff communicated with the client, the customer finally confirmed the design of this statue. He said that this group of realistic statues would be a beautiful scene in his garden.

bronze deer statue life size-YouFine Sculpture

Own Most Excellent Model Artists:

YouFine has more than 39 years of bronze sculpture cast experience and could cast any deer statue. Firstly, YouFine artists would make one 1:1 clay model for every bronze deer sculpture after getting the orders from our clients. YouFine clay model artists are the best and most excellent in the art area.

Outdoor Bronze Deer Statue-YouFine Sculpture

Also, YouFine clay model artists never stop the study to improve their technique of making vivid artwork. Of course, through many years of practice, our artists not only could make the most realistic deer clay model but also could cast the best life-size deer statue for our clients.

Maintaining the Bronze Sculpture

There are two methods to maintain the bronze surfaces in YouFine. The first one is using wax to protect the bronze sculpture surface, normally top masters would heat the wax to liquid, then brush the wax to the patina’s surface softly, and at the same time use a spray gun to heat the surface, making sure the wax be one protective layer. In this way, the patina color would last many years whether under strong sunlight or heavy snow.

deer sculptures-YouFine Sculpture

The second way is to spray a little bit of varnish on the surface of the deer sculpture, which would form a smooth film, which could well protect the bronze sculpture from dust and rain. Cause the varnish is transparent, which would show the original natural surface of the bronze life-size deer sculpture, no change to the original patina color.

bronze deer statue-YouFine Sculpture

Overall,  there are more than 33 steps to cast the deer statue in YouFine. If you like our bronze animal statues, please feel free to contact YouFine. YouFine is a professional bronze animal statue casting foundry, so our quality is worthy of your trust. Choose YouFine, choose the best outdoor bronze deer artwork!



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