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Large Outdoor Force of Nature Statue Replica for Sale BOKK-976

This large bronze Force of Nature statue is very large and has a very unique design. The sculpture depicts a woman holding a ribbon as she spins around the world. If you are interested in the bronze sculpture, please feel free to contact us.

Item No: BOKK-976
Material: Bronze
Usage: Interior Decoration; Garden, Park Decoration; Villa; Scenic Decoration; City Square; Religious Holy Place, Etc.
Period Time : 10-45 Days (Except For Large Projects)

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Forces of Nature Statue Details:

This large bronze Force of Nature statue is very large and has a very unique design. The sculpture depicts a woman holding a ribbon and spinning it around the world. The woman is wearing a long, flowing, loose gown. And her head is wrapped in the garment. This woman could have been Mother Nature. She is blown by a gust of wind, so her robe flutters behind him.


Large Size Force of Nature Statue Replica



Force of Nature Statue Source:

This Force of Nature statue is the work of Italian artist and sculptor Lorenzo Quinn. The design of this sculpture was inspired by the natural disaster that occurred in Thailand. The entire sculpture depicts a woman revolving around the earth. The whole design gives a strong sense of strength and balance. Therefore, this sculpture also wants to show us that humans need to live in peace with nature in order to achieve natural balance.


Large Size Force of Nature Statue Replica for Sa



Choose You Fine factory:

You Fine is a professional factory that can undertake any large bronze sculpture project. With over 39 years of experience in sculpture making, You Fine not only has professional masters but also has the proven craftsmanship to complete this sculpture. Our professional team can provide you with sculptures that will satisfy you. The trust given to You Fine by our customers will be translated into high-quality products in return.



After-sales service:

First of all, we will purchase full insurance for any bronze statue during the transportation process. Ensure the safety of the transported goods. If the goods are damaged during transportation, we will deal with it in time.


Large Size Praying Hands Statue Replica Custom Design for Sale BOKK-975 (5)


Secondly, our bronze statues have a 30-year quality guarantee. If you find any problem with the sculpture during the process, please feel free to contact us. We will also deal with after-sales issues for you in a timely manner.


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This large force of nature statue can be used as outdoor decoration in any public place. For example, memorials, public parks, gardens, etc. This statue with special meaning can attract people’s attention when placed in any public place.



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