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Large Bronze Galloping Horse Statue Lawn Decor Supplier BOK1-430

YouFine’s artists cast this classic galloping horse statue to come to life in all its natural beauty. Its intricate details and perfect finish make it so vivid which is a perfect outdoor lawn decoration.

Item No: BOK1-430

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc

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Cast in bronze, this galloping horse statue is a stunning work of art. The first is its beautiful bronze finish which enhances the beauty of this sculpture. Secondly, the details of the limbs and face of this bronze horse are so carefully processed that it looks real. 

The biggest difference between this running horse statue and other bronze horse sculptures on the market is its expression. Different from other bronze horse sculptures with ferocious expressions while running, this bronze horse sculpture has a very happy expression, which could bring people in a good mood.

Top Bronze Casting Team:

YouFine has been engaged in the casting of various copper sculptures for nearly forty years and has always paid great attention to the quality of sculptures. Therefore, we have very strict requirements for the production process of sculptures, especially the casting of bronze sculptures is very complicated. We have our own professional casting artists who could guarantee the quality of our sculptures. Because they have been exposed to sculptures since they were young and Very proficient in making and adjusting sculptures.

More Bronze Horse Statue Options:

For many years, the horse has been popular as a symbol of the wild and freedom. And, some have become part of people’s culture. At YouFine we have a great selection of life-size and large-cast bronze horses. No matter where you put it, we could provide you with the right design to add inspiration to your venue decoration. Here is part of popular horse designs including running horse statues, vintage bronze horse statues, standing-for statues and etc.

Received Satisfactory Feedback from Lots of Customers:

YouFine’s galloping horse statues have received satisfactory feedback from customers from all over the world. They sent us photos of the sculptures installed in their venues. They are so beautiful.

We could receive so many good comments because we really care about customers’ demand and the quality of the product. During the sculpture production process, we would send progress photos of the sculpture production to our customers every three to four days. During this period, if the customer wants to adjust those details, we could make timely modifications to ensure that the sculpture is in line with the customer’s wishes.

YouFine offers high-quality bronze horse statues, welcome to contact us to get a better price.



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