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Fiberglass Lobster Butler Statue with Tray Manufacturers FOKK-009

This lobster holding tray is the go-to decoration for many seafood restaurants. Most restaurants choose to place this sculpture at the door, of course, you could also place some sweets on the dinner plate. Our price is very cost-effective, if you like this lobster sculpture we could customize any size for you.

Item No.: FOKK-009

Material: Fiberglass/resin

Size: H 60cm/ 24'' or Customized

Service: Door to Door delivery

Price: Please Contact YouFine Factory

Package: Strong Wooden Crates

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door To Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc

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Lobster Holding Tray Details:

The fiberglass lobster holding tray could attract more customers as a service staff. Such realistic details would add a touch of realism to your seafood restaurant decor. Also, our entire lobster butler statue is made of high-quality fiberglass material. Of course, our coloring is very close to the body of a real lobster.

The base of this sculpture consists of a block of sand. The beach is full of cartoon starfish, shells, and other sea creatures. The overall design of the lobster butler statue is a cute cartoon design. He stood as free as a man, holding a tray in both hands. Of course, this white disc could hold some weight. You could provide customers with some gifts according to the hotel’s special services.

Professional Production Process:

First, our artist needs to make a 1:1 clay model according to your requested size. Of course, both disc size and base details could be customized. Second, we could engrave your logo or restaurant name on the base. After completing the very realistic clay model, we made the fiberglass lobster statue.

In addition, we could also make the Red Lobster Butler Statue with other different materials. Of course, the choice of material depends on where you place it. This lobster figurine tray could be placed outdoors or indoors. And, we could make this lobster statue with a tray of natural marble or other metal materials.

Reasons Why People Love Lobster Sculptures:

If you are a marine life lover, you could customize a lobster holding a tray statue in your own house or home. When you see this lobster statue, it’s like you see the whole ocean, every day when you have a good mood in your home. If you’re a seafood restaurant, keep a pair of these lobster figurine trays near the door too. Of course, you could also put a lot of sweets or small gifts on the plate for customers.

They would enjoy their dinner in a good mood. And, we could also provide you with crab sculptures. If you want to customize other seafood creature sculptures, we could also make them for you. Second, we also make burger statues and french fries statues. Therefore, as long as you have an idea, our artists could make it happen for you. If you have a resort by the sea, then a large lobster sculpture is of course the best decoration choice.

We have our own team of artists, each with about 25 years of experience in art sculpture. In this custom artistic cartoon statue, you could customize not only this largest lobster statue but also other cartoon sea creature statues. If you have any sea animal statues you want to customize, please feel free to contact us.



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