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Elegant Bronze Phoenix Mascot Statue Garden Decor for Sale

This bronze phoenix garden statue is one of the fine statues of YouFine’s factory. It has become a very popular bronze mascot with its exquisite workmanship and auspicious meaning.

Item No: BAN-074

Material: Antique Bronze

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Transportation: Shipping

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Application: Garden, Home, Collection

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This bronze phoenix garden statue has a gorgeous and delicate appearance. Our professional coloring makes the entire statue more graceful and beautiful. Placing such a statue at home can bring good luck and show your pursuit of beauty and elegant taste.

bronze phoenix statue

Auspicious Meaning of Phoenix Statue

Legend has it that the phoenix can survive for almost five hundred years. Before it dies, it will build a nest for itself, then burn itself in flames, and finally rise from its ashes. This symbolizes the cycle of life and eternal renewal, as well as hope and rebirth. Therefore, the phoenix becomes a symbol of continued vitality, immortality, and eternity.

bronze phoenix statue--

The phoenix burns itself in fire and is reborn, also symbolizing purification and purity. It represents getting rid of old, impure things to achieve a new, pure state. There is also hope and resurgence in the Phoenix story. No matter how desperate the situation, the phoenix’s story of rebirth is always a reminder that there is hope for a new life in the future.

bronze phoenix statue-

Delicate Casting of Phoenix Statue

This bronze phoenix statue is very beautiful and elegant. Its appearance resembles that of a large bird such as an eagle or a peacock. It has strong wings, sharp claws, and beaks, giving people a sense of majesty and power. The tail feathers of the phoenix are particularly eye-catching, they are very long and gorgeous. These tail feathers not only increase the beauty of the phoenix but also symbolize its sacred and special status. While in some depictions the phoenix may appear with flames or ashes, it may be depicted as rising from flames or ashes, symbolizing its ability to regenerate.

phoenix statue

These characteristics make the phoenix an image rich in symbolic meaning and beauty, which is commonly seen in Western literature, art, mythology, and legends. The Phoenix is not only a symbol of strength and beauty, but more importantly, it represents hope, rebirth, and immortality.

phoenix statue-

Other Animal Statues from Mythology

YouFine has many years of casting bronze animal statues. We also have statues of other auspicious animals from myths and legends, such as the Western guardian dragon, the Chinese dragon statue, the Greek chimera of Arezzo statue, etc. We guarantee you that the statues you receive are more stunning than you see them in the photos.

bronze animal statues- 

If you are fond of our exquisite animal statues, please contact us through our website for more detailed information.



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