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Delightful Foundry Bronze Cat and Bird Sculpture Outdoor Garden Art

This cute kitten and bird sculpture full of childlike fun is so interesting, as if telling a story, we opened the window and happened to see a kitten and a bird playing. What a relaxing scene, the bronze cat sculpture would be a very interesting decoration to put in the garden outside the window.

Item No: BAN-085

Size: Life Size or Customized Size

Material: Bronze

Insurance: Cover All Risks

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Transportation: Shipping

Advantages: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

Application: Square; Garden; School;Park;Home

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Description of Bronze Cat Sculpture:

This scene is very interesting, generally, the bird is on the tree, and the cat is watching the bird under the tree. This time it is the other way around, the cat is on the tree, and the bird is curiously watching the cat playing acrobatics on the ladder below. The kitten is excited to see the bird below looking up at her. What an interesting bronze cat sculpture.

Provided Custom Service:

Of course, we provide customized service. If you want to cast a unique bronze sculpture for your lovely cat, you could take a photo for us, and our artists could cast a vivid bronze cat sculpture based on the photo. These bronze cat sculptures would permanently record the interesting soul of your baby cat and preserve these beautiful memories.

Features of Bronze Artwork:

Our factory has cast tens of thousands of unique bronze animal sculpture artworks. Bronze is a very strong material that could be preserved forever. As experts in bronze coloring, our artists love to cast animal sculptures in different colors for our customers, especially adding a touch of color to make the animal sculpture brighter and more unique.

garden cat statue art
Pet statue

Make Exquisite Clay Models:

Our artists would make an exquisite clay model before casting the bronze cat sculpture. This clay model sculpture would fully show the details and appearance characteristics of the animal. In addition, during the process of making the clay model, our artists would continue to communicate with customers to modify the appearance of the sculpture. In constant modification, our kitten sculptures would become more exquisite and make customers more satisfied. On this basis, our bronze kitten sculptures would also be more realistic and beautiful.

Every time our customers purchase and customize a bronze pet sculpture, we would provide customers with a series of pictures and videos of the manufacturing process, and our customers would also participate in all the key nodes of the cat sculpture completion.

Through our joint efforts, we would witness the birth of a gift that inherits culture and commemorates good times. This would also be a unique experience in our lives. If you want to customize a bronze sculpture for your kitten, please feel free to contact us.


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