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With the elegance and mystery of cats, there is a magical power that is fascinating. Therefore, we could see the bronze cat statue in the streets and alleys.

The Story of Picasso and the Cat:

The mysterious power of the cat itself makes us human beings couldn’t stop. Of course, this mysterious power also makes the general public think that artists who are cold, distant, and mysterious have a soft spot for them. First, many artists have more or fewer similarities with cats.

The cat’s personality is more egoistic and independent. Therefore, they often appear detached, even a little aloof. And many artists are just too cold. They like to pursue freedom, sometimes slightly pretentious. In this way, cats may be a kind of spiritual sustenance for the artist. When the artist has his own mind, the cat is the only one who could understand himself. So many artists choose to create cat-themed sculptures.

he Story of Picasso and the Cat:

Picasso often took pictures with cats in his life. He also often brought the image of cats into his paintings. Also, he met his first lover because he rescued a kitten stuck in the rain. In addition, the cats in Picasso’s paintings are never just cats as animals but also contain profound meanings. In different periods and contexts, cats have been used either as a metaphor for the political situation at the time or as a way to convey the character of a character.

he Story of Picasso and the Cat:

Four Famous Bronze Cat Sculptures

Fernando Botero Fat Cat Sculpture:

The most photographed sculpture in Barcelona is the fat cat by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. This huge exaggerated-volume animal sculpture has won a lot of people’s likes. In 1987, the overnourished alley cat was locally known as “El Gato del Raval” or “El Gato de Botero”.

Fernando Botero Fat Cat Sculpture:

Cat Panteleimon Monument:

The cat Panteleimon monument cat sculpture is located in the restaurant Pantagruel. This beautiful Persian cat Pantyusha lives in Kinmen. People liked him so much that he made the restaurant famous. And it would also increase the number of customers in the restaurant. But one day there was a fire and the cat died. People hereby install a large cat sculpture monument.

ernando Botero Fat Cat Sculpture:

Carreras Cigarette Factory Black Cat Sculpture:

There is a sculpture of a black cat in front of the entrance to the Carreras cigarette factory. This large cat sculpture is full of Egyptian inspiration. This black cat sculpture is a very delicate piece of art, and the life-size cat sculpture was designed to capture the fashion of the time. The black cat sculpture is Carrera’s unique symbol. Not surprisingly, it is often nicknamed the Black Cat Factory. And, Carreras Cigarette Factory really takes the Egyptian theme to the extreme.

British Museum Bronze Cat:

In the 7th-4th centuries BC, there is a representative work of Egyptian art, this bronze sculpture called Gayer-Anderson Bronze Cat. This is a very well-known work. In a way, its popularity is higher than its historical significance. This bronze Egyptian cat statue is so beautiful. The image of the cat depicted in the bronze statue is so dignified. This endearing bronze cat has been a staple of British Museum brochures for many years.

Reasons Egyptians love cats:

But we know that the cat depicted in Egypt is actually the image of the cat goddess. This famous cat is the Best Cat Goddess. Moreover, the cat goddess Best is also a goddess that Egypt has worshipped since the ancient kingdom. In addition, the cat goddess is the protector of the family. Therefore, cat sculptures could be seen in many places in Egypt.

Reasons Egyptians love cats:

Advantages of YouFine Factory:

First, the YouFine factory has been casting bronze cat statues for 40 years. We have dedicated artists casting bronze cat sculptures. Each of our artists is very good at casting bronze animal sculptures. As a result, each of our outdoor bronze ornaments is very realistic and pleasing to the eye.

Advantages of YouFine Factory:

Additionally, YouFine artists cast the bronze cat statue Tarkov using the traditional lost wax method. Of course, YouFine artists could not only guarantee that each of our bronze cat accessories is beautiful. And our quality is absolutely guaranteed. In the process of continuous improvement of casting technology, our bronze sleeping cat is getting more and more realistic.

Advantages of YouFine Factory:

Also, our artists use chemical coloring to color the cat sculpture. As a result, YouFine’s bronze cat color may become more natural over time.

Advantages of YouFine Factory:

 If you like the beautiful large bronze cat statue, please contact YouFine now. We would provide people with a list of all the latest cat sculpture designs.



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