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Custom Bronze Hannah Duston Female Statue Wholesale Bok1-371

This is a monumental bronze statue of Hannah Duston, which is the first statue publicly funded monument to women in the United States. YouFine supports all kinds of custom-made monumental sculptures, so you can come and contact us if you have any needs.

Item No: BOK1-371

Size: Customized Size You Want

Material: Casting Bronze

Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Package: Strong Wooden Crate

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door to Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.

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The Story of Hannah Duston:

This Hannah Duston statue has been a point of contention because of the story behind it. Hannah Duston was a Massachusetts colonial Puritan woman who was captured by the Abenaki. She suffered a raid by Blackfriars in 1697 when many colonists were killed and her children were killed while going to the island. This is why she killed ten Native Americans on the island where she was detained with the assistance of two other captives. Hannah Duston’s story became famous after her death, and she became a folk hero and the “mother of the American scalping tradition”.

Hannah Duston Display:

It was Calvin Weeks who created this cast bronze sculpture of Hannah Duston. He used it as a way to illustrate the brave woman’s escape from her captors. The sculpture of Hannah Daston is exquisite and shows Hannah Daston with an axe firmly in her hand. Her curly hair, long flowing dress, and angry face are finely cast. The Hannah Daston sculpture is so lifelike that you could feel her anger through her expression. YouFine supports custom bronze Hannah Durston sculptures in different sizes and guarantees a high degree of reproduction.

Excellent Patina Coloring:

This bronze female statue of Hannah Daston has a beautiful exterior finish. The sculpture is in a wonderful bronze-green color that gives the sculpture a storytelling effect. The artists at YouFine have mastered a unique color palette for bronze sculptures. The color they mix is exactly the color the customer wants. Moreover, they use a chemical solution to color the bronze sculpture. That retains color for a long time and does not fade easily. Most importantly, Patina’s coloring of bronze sculptures would become more natural over time. Our artists’ skillful coloring techniques give the sculptural finishes a very even color.

YouFine Bronze Foundry Profile:

YouFine bronze foundry has been manufacturing bronze sculptures for 38 years now. We are a specialized bronze sculpture foundry. Our artists who have at least thirty years of experience in bronze sculpture cast these sculptures. Therefore, the quality of our sculptures is of a high standard. Secondly, we are extremely good at custom bronze statues. No matter what size and design you need, our professional team will be able to provide you with a sculpture that will satisfy you. And, if needed, our team of designers will produce a 3D drawing of your design. Finally, we also provide professional after-sales service to guide you in the installation and maintenance of your sculpture.

Hence, if you want to customise the bronze Hannah Duston female statue, please send us a message via email or phone.



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