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Bronze Modern Limited Edition Face Sculpture Home Decor

Each YouFine bronze face sculpture has its own unique touch to it. Different colors, different cutouts, and different textures. Keeping each edition unique to its own.

Item No: BAB-006

Size: Life Size or Customize

Material: Antique Bronze

Superiority 1: Free Custom Made

Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

Keywords1: Bronze Face Sculpture

Keywords2: Custom Bronze Face

Application: Shopping Mall, School, Gym, Park, Home

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Bronze Face Sculpture Detail:

This bronze face sculpture features disappeared sections that are strategically designed on the cheeks and forehead. This face sculpture composition beautifully showcases the facial features of the subject. The sculpture depicts a serene expression with slightly closed eyes and a relaxed lower lip, reflecting inner tranquility. Each area of the face is highlighted with different colors and highlights, showcasing the craftsmanship of this exquisite piece.

Large bronze face sculpture

Providing Customized Services:

We offer unique customization services for our bronze face sculptures. Each bronze face sculpture is one-of-a-kind, with its own distinct color, texture, cut, version number, and inspiring story. Prior to creating a customized bronze face sculpture, we engage in thorough communication with our clients. This ensures that our sculptures fully capture each client’s individual needs and characteristics.

bronze face statue

Exquisite Face Sculpture Clay Model:

Our factory specializes in casting bronze face sculptures, and we take pride in our unique approach. Prior to the casting process, our team of experienced artists meticulously crafts a clay model in the same proportion as the final sculpture. This delicate clay model is created by artists who possess a deep understanding of sculpting human figures. Through their expertise, these artists could accurately capture the character and spiritual essence of the subject.

Bust Exquisite and Realistic Clay Model

By this meticulous process, our bronze face sculptures are infused with a lifelike quality that truly reflects the personality and unique traits of each individual. Whether it’s in the intricate detailing or the expression captured in the face, our artists’ craftsmanship shines through, ensuring that each sculpture is a testament to their skill and the essence of the subject.

Exquisite and Realistic Clay Model

Utilizing Chemical Patination Method:

In addition to our meticulous casting process, we also employ a chemical patination method to enhance the visual appeal of our bronze face sculptures. This technique involves the application of various chemicals to the surface of the sculpture, resulting in the formation of unique colors and textures.

Large bronze face statue

Through careful experimentation and artistic intuition, our skilled craftsmen could achieve stunning results with this chemical patination method. Different chemical formulas and application techniques are used to create a range of colors, from warm earth tones to vibrant hues. This process adds depth and dimension to the sculpture, elevating its aesthetic value.

patina Lifesize Bronze Sculpture

By utilizing the chemical patination method, we are able to create bronze face sculptures that not only capture the likeness and essence of the subject but also possess a captivating visual allure. The combination of precise casting, expert sculpting, and skillful chemical patination ensures that our bronze face sculptures are true works of art that would stand the test of time.

patina bronze sculpture

On the occasion of the new year, if you want to add precious and special custom sculpture artwork to your home, this bronze face sculpture would be your best choice. Please feel free to contact us to get the most cost-effective work. Direct selling price.


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