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Balloon Dog Sculpture Animal Jeff Koons Art Replica CSS-17

These clear color-coated balloon dogs are so much fun. It's like when we were playing in the park when we were children and saw the balloon toys in the hands of grandpa. The stylish and fun balloon dog is the best childhood companion and memory.

Item No.: CSS-17

Size: Life size or Customized

Available Material: Fiberglass/ Resin

Wall Thickness: 5-10 mm

Price: Please Contact YouFine Factory

Package: Strong Wooden Crates

Advantage: Factory Direct; Door To Door Delivery

Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram, etc.


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Balloon Dog Sculpture Details:

The animal sculpture with the clear colored coating is one of the earliest Jeff Koons balloon dog sculptures. The sculptures look like the kind of souvenir clowns they make at birthday parties. At the same time, we could also see other puppies displayed around the world in red, green, and blue.

The Jeff Koons balloon dog sculpture is probably the most impressive piece. A twisted balloon in the shape of a dog. Moreover, these sculptures are not as soft as balloons but freeze the cute balloon dogs in an instant. We could feel the wonderful memories this cute balloon dog sculpture could give us on special and important occasions

About Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog:

First, Jeff Koons’ balloon dog comes in five colors, blue, magenta, orange, red, and yellow. They’re something you’ll find on your 8th birthday, and yet, that’s what they’re all about. Balloon Dog talked about the idea of ​​celebrating. Every brightly colored Jeff Koons balloon dog looks so much fun. These balloon dog sculptures stand on all fours and maintain a forward-looking posture, as if ready to run or jump playfully at any time.

Choose YouFine, Choose the Quality:

At You Fine Art Sculptures Limited, our motto is quality, value, and the highest standard of customer service. Every piece of art has a story, and every product is meticulously crafted with the highest craftsmanship. We pay special attention to detail and design, yet make it affordable for the masses.

balloon dog sculpture jeff koons price-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine could ship balloon dog sculptures around the world. If you find any problem with the balloon dog sculpture you purchased. You could quickly contact YouFine to get the necessary solutions for free.

blue balloon dog sculpture-YouFine Sculpture

After this sculpture is completed, we would use soft foam to wrap the whole sculpture to prevent the product from colliding. We could make Jeff Koons balloon dog sculptures in any size. So if you have any requirements about it, please feel free to contact us.



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    1. I am interested in a large YF_3. What are your prices and lead times?

      • Thank you for your interest in our Balloon Dog Sculpture Animal Jeff Koons Art Replica. The price for the YF_3 size ranges from $1000 to $3000, depending on the sculpture’s size. As for the lead time, we can deliver within 25 to 30 days. If you choose our in-stock option, the delivery time will be even faster. Our sales have sent you an email, they will give you more help in purchasing Balloon Dog Sculpture.

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