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Stations of the Cross VII: Jesus Falls a Second Time Bronze Statue

The sculpture depicting Jesus falling a second time on the journey to Calvary conveys profound messages of resilience, empathy, and spiritual endurance to those who contemplate its significance. Our factory can completely reproduce this bronze religious Stations of the Cross sculpture for you.

Item No: BCH-007-7

Size: Full size - About 7' tall

Technique: Lost-Wax Casting Process

Packing: Wooden Cases/ Iron Boxes

Advantage: Factory Direct, Door To Door Delivery

Service: Customize Acceptable

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Stations VII: Jesus Falls a Second Time

In this powerful bronze sculpture, Jesus is depicted falling to the ground under the weight of the Cross for the second time. Despite His exhaustion and weakness from the ordeal, His brutal executioners mercilessly whip Him, urging Him to rise and continue His agonizing journey to Calvary. The Jesus Falls a Second Time sculpture vividly portrays the intense physical and emotional suffering endured by Jesus during His Passion, capturing the depth of His sacrifice and the cruelty inflicted upon Him.

7 Jesus Falls a Second Time statue

Inspires Hope and Courage into Our Own Lives

Through this Jesus Falls a Second Time artwork, viewers are confronted with the reality of human suffering and the strength required to persevere in the face of immense challenges.

7-1 Jesus Falls a Second Time

The image of Jesus, weakened yet determined, resonates deeply with individuals navigating their own struggles and hardships. It serves as a poignant reminder of the human capacity to endure adversity and persevere through moments of profound difficulty. Just as Jesus rises again to continue His journey, this sculpture inspires hope and courage in those facing their own trials, urging them to find strength in faith and resilience.

7-3 Jesus Falls a Second Time

Moreover, the Jesus Falls a Second Time sculpture prompts reflection on the importance of empathy and compassion. Witnessing Jesus being whipped while already burdened with the Cross underscores the significance of supporting and uplifting others in their times of need. It highlights the transformative power of selfless acts of kindness and solidarity in alleviating suffering and bringing solace to those in distress.

7-2 esus Falls a Second Time

Our religious Stations of the Cross Sculpture artists have been constantly exploring and feeling the power of faith in the process of casting Jesus sculptures. He integrated his pious heart and sincere spirit into sculptures. If you need this bronze religious group sculpture, please contact us. We have a professional religious sculpture team to provide you with the most professional services.



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